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This Mother’s Day make your mother feel special with these quirky gifts

This Mother’s Day make your mother feel special with these quirky gifts

Many a times we celebrate women who are our biggest support pillar at our work place like our seniors and our colleagues. But this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate our stay at home mothers with some quirky gifts for them. Let us honor the support which she (our Mother) extends towards us from morning to evening and acknowledge her selflessness for us with love and affection. So grabbing an opportunity this May 14 and show her that we care and love her with customized gifts for her.

1.       A Breath of fresh air- If your mother is a nature lover and likes gardening then there is an ideal gift for her – Planter stands. There are so many aesthetically pleasing and unique designs available in the market which can be perfect gift for your mother. Pritika Chatterjee, CEO & Co-Founder, TidyHomz says, “There are certain plants which purify the air around you. So planting them in beautiful planter stands which compliments the décor of your room or your living room can be a good idea. Thus, gifting your mother a breath of pure air with a pinch of color green is surely a thoughtful gift for this mother’s day.”

Planters can be shopped for at:

2.       A Photoshoot to remember- We all have come across pre-wedding shoots, post-wedding shoots and even baby-shoots but let’s gift our mothers a photoshoot session with a professionally trained photographer. Ranjit Yadav, CEO, Canvera says, “We all have our memories from the childhood safely kept inside albums by our mothers. Let’s gift her memories that she could cherish for her lifetime. Our professionally trained photographers will do a cozy and warm photoshoot of your mother and you and get the pictures printed for you to deliver at your doorstep.”
Photographers can be reached via:

3.       A Solo Trip- “A women who can shop alone, eat alone, cook alone can also travel alone. So, break the age old norms and gift your mother a solo trip package” says Aloke Bajpai, CEO & Co-founder of Ixigo. Our mothers get tired working all day long for us and that too as per our deadlines. So, let’s get her a little relaxed and plan a solo, refreshing and rejuvenating trip for her this summer to her favorite holiday place. Show her that you care and love her to the core.
Packages are available at:

4.       A customized luxury attire- Gift your mother an elegant piece of luxury from a designer’s collection. “A woman looks charming in her favorite piece of clothing and if the costume has been customized for her, it makes her look all the more radiant. So, give the woman of your house an edge over her daily routine” says Jimmy Kaul, CEO, Shopotox. Thus, leave everything behind and gift your mother a beautiful and a luxurious item for her closet.
Attires can be ordered from:

5.       Piece of clothing with no judgment- “How many times your mother has been there for you without passing any judgment on you? Now is the time to shun your judgment cloaks and make your mother all the more confident by let her embrace her plus size body with all the love and affection you have for her” says, Vidit Sehgal, Co-Founder, So, let your apprehension go out of the window and make your mother stylish this Mother’s day with customized plus sizes.
Sizes to perfectly compliment your body are available at: