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Updates & Beyond: Top Apps bringing clutter free updates on IPL 2017

Updates & Beyond: Top Apps bringing clutter free updates on IPL 2017
Hate visiting hundreds of websites for ball-to-ball updates of the ongoing IPL season? There is now an easier way for you to get your fill of all the action that happens on the ground– the volley of sixes or Virat Kohli gnawing at another player, yet again. From the regular updates to match summaries and just the perfect Masala that you crave for, these mobile apps have gotten it all covered for you!

1.       Inshorts – Unapologetically news in 60 words

Inshorts – Unapologetically news in 60 words

If you are always on-the-go and yet are looking for ways to get up close and personal with the enticing matches, your search ends at InShorts. In 60 words or less, InShorts lets you know all about the match – the records that were broken, the laughter that ensued and other interesting snippets that you may otherwise miss in tracking only the score updates. And just when you thought it cannot get any better, the no-nonsense app works perfectly well even with low speed data connections. Even your 2G phone is going to love InShorts!

2.       Rooter – Root your favorite team 
Rooter – Root your favorite team

Rooter is the world’s first digital platform that connects, engages and helps sports audiences interact with each other on a real-time basis during sports events. It has firmly entrenched its position as the #1 sports engagement app by amassing more than 1 lakh users on its platform. Rooter has also introduced a segment called ‘The Team Channel’, enabling users to choose their favorite teams and connect or chat with fellow Rooters supporting the same. This addition significantly increases the platform’s engagement quotient, as it allows fans to interact with one another and discuss the performance of their favorite teams in between matches.

3.       App for every Team - For the dedicated and crazy sports fanatics.

 App for every Team - For the dedicated and crazy sports fanatics.

Every IPL team, including Gujrat Lions, Mumbai Indians, KKR etc, has a dedicated app allowing fans to Access in-depth information & stats about all of their heroes across the globe. Download the app of your favorite team to get real-time match updates & live scores; buy tickets, view exclusive match images in high resolution, read up on news and articles from inside the camp, watch practice videos and behind the scenes snippets.

4.       CricketTrolls – Memes, Trolls & more 

CricketTrolls – Memes, Trolls & more

CricketTrolls is one-of-a-kind app featuring memes and news related to every cricket event that is taking place anywhere in the world. Whether it is T20, ODIs or Test cricket, CricketTrolls iPhone app covers every format of the game. Some of the big events include T20 World Cup, Indian Premier League, ICC World Cup and ICC Champions Trophy, making them more entertaining and fun-filled. With the "Share" feature in the app, you can share a specific meme or news with your friends through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media channels. In addition, the app also provides news related to their favorite cricket stars, their birthdays or anniversaries, or any other remarkable event.