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Annam Cafe @ Design Hotel by juSTa - Chettinadu festival with the King of fruit - Mango - 15th- 25th June

Chennai 15th to 25th June, 2017: 
Glorified across India for its variety of flavoursome delicacies, Chettinad cuisine is vivacious and distinct to taste. This traditional cuisine of the Chettiar community from Tamil Nadu is a culinary art like no other! This June, Annam Cafe at Design Hotel Chennai brings to you an exotic blend of Chettinad cuisine accompanied with the King of fruits - Mango.

Savour the marvels of this cuisine by team of chefs at the ten day food festival from 15-25 June 2017 over lunch and dinner.

Some of the delicacies from the star menu will include Chettinadu spiced kozhli Varuval, Nadhar style Mutton korma, Kai Kari chettinadu, Mango Lassi, Mango Pannacotta, Mango Juice, etc

About Design Hotel Chennai by Justa:
 Nestled inside the vibrant 17-acre metropolis that is Phoenix Market City, Design Hotel Chennai, invites you to an oasis of unrivaled opulence in their twenty-six room boutique hotel. At Design Hotel by jüSTa, Chennai, they believe that through design, one can reach out, inspire, and touch others in order to make the experiences of guests magical and wonderful.
Here, the interiors have seamlessly connected past and present international design movements to the timeless local traditions of South India. Designed on the styles of four distinct contemporary art, each floor at Design Hotel is an infusion of traditional South Indian Art / Architecture, Nmely – Ati, Maya, Rooh  and Nunya; and has been designed by renowned interior designer -Pronit Nath.