Art of Success Seminar on Civil Services Examination by Chanakya IAS Academy in collaboration with Manav Rachna

Chanakya IAS Academy in collaboration with Manav Rachna is going to organize an Art of Success Seminar titled "How to crack Civil Services Examination". The seminar will highlight important factors that an aspirant needs to know to begin the preparation for Civil Services Examination, Such as; Syllabus, Examination Pattern and the importance of developing right administrative traits as an important part of preparation. The Academy will also invite successful candidates who will reveal their success journey and preparation tips for Civil Services Examination while putting off various doubts and myths of the aspirants.

The free seminar is scheduled to be held on 14th June 2017 at Manav Rachna International University, Suraj Kund, Delhi from 11am to 1pm. ‘AK Mishra’s Art of Success’ seminar is a special programme which has been developed by Success Guru AK Mishra. Through this special programme he gives the mantras of success to the Civil Services aspirants as well as he gives the insight to get success in every sphere of life. After learning these mantras, aspirants get the ability to rectify even tiny weaknesses and hence they march onwards with more sincerity and conviction for building the path to success. In this programme Success Guru extricate the unique inner forces of human being and present its scientific interpretations.  This programme is very popular throughout the country. In this seminar Success Guru AK Mishra will discuss the importance of development of administrative traits in civil services as an important condition for their success in the civil services examination. He will briefly explain “How to discover yourself.

The Academy will also invite Successful candidates to share their journey to success to interact with the participants. When talked to AK Mishra on this, he said, “I frequently organize Art of Success seminars in various parts of the country to help aspirants develop right administrative traits and motivation which is essential along with right academic knowledge. Students can study and develop academics knowledge easily, but UPSC requires candidates with strong personality traits, right decision making ability, empathy; which can only be developed through these seminars. Motive behind the invitation of successful candidates is to trigger the spark within students to serve their country and how to succeed in the chosen field with right focus, dedicated hard work and the struggles they faced during the preparation”.

Students who want to be a part of the seminar can leave their name and contact number below or call @ 999-076-7766 and register their names.