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Aspri Spirits celebrated 2nd year of Negroni Week in India

A Negroni glass for a Cause!

~Aspri Spirits celebrated 2nd year of Negroni Week in India~

13th June 2017, Mumbai - ASPRI SPIRITS, leading importers and distributors of some of the finest brands in the world of Wines and Spirits celebrated the famous NEGRONI WEEK by bringing the classic and innovative versions of NEGRONI to the country.

Aspri Spirits celebrated 2nd year of Negroni Week in India

Aspri Spirits kick started the Negroni week with media gathering and celebrating at Razzberry Rhinoceros on 5th June 2017 in Mumbai. Blogger & Influencer Rojita Tiwari designed the classic & innovative Negroni menu and Celebrity Bartender Nitin Tewari briskly concocted the Negroni cocktails. The elegantly prepared menu included Cutting Chai Negroni, Crawford Sour and Gola Negroni mixed with classic Negroni which were inspired by India’s favorite local drinks.

Compared to the previous year, the number of participating bars for the noble cause went up. Aspri Spirits received an overwhelming response from the bars and the patrons and they look forward to hosting Negroni week each year. India has ranked No 2 in Asia and No 14 in the World, which is a great achievement.

NEGRONI is a cocktail which has left its mark on the history of the Milanese Aperitif and is known throughout the World. Negroni is made of one part Campari, one part gin and one part Vermouth garnished with orange peel.

To participate, each bar signs up at, chooses from the list of recommended charities, and makes an immediate donation to that charity. They can also return during and after Negroni Week to make additional donations to their chosen charity. After Negroni Week is complete, they tally the raised amount collectively by all the participating bars, restaurants and partners.

Cocktail recipes Served at the Event


This twisted Negroni that’s combines India’s favourite local drinks Cutting Chai with globally known classic Negroni.

Aged in Barrel to marry all the ingredients and create a magical mix.

•       20 ml Bombay Sapphire Gin infused with Masala tea

•       20 Campari

•       20 ml Martini Rosso

•       Mixed and aged in Oak barrel for 7 days.

•       Method: Stirred

•       Glass: Rock Glass with Ice

•       Garnish: Orange zest and Spice


Each of the sour ingredients, sourced from the local Crawford market. This twist to classic Negroni is making Mumbaikar’s fall in love with this cocktail.

•       20 ml each of Gin, Campari and Martini Rosso

•       15 ml Lime

•       10 ml Sugar syrup

•       20 ml freshly squeezed orange juice

•       10 ml Egg white

•       Method: Dry shake & normal shake

•       Glass: Sour Glass with ice

•       Garnish: Orange slice


How a Gola brings all your favourite flavors and your childhood memories together, this Negroni Sorbet brings two of your favourite drinks Red wine sangria and Negroni with a fresh fruit twist.

•       20 ml each of Gin, Campari and Martini Rosso

•       60 ml Red wine Sangria made with fresh Mango, apple & orange.

•       Method: Turned into a sorbet using Liquid Nitrogen

•       Glass: Coupe Glass

•       Garnish: Chopped fruits

Participating Bars for the Negroni Week

1)      153 Biere Street

2)      Radio Bar

3)      The Other Side

4)      A Ta Maison

5)      Paasha

6)      Dome

7)      The Gateway Hotels & Resorts

8)      Paparazzi

9)      Alto Vino

10)   The Irish House

11)   Speakeasy cocktails & dreams

12)   Hoot

13)   ITC Hotel

14)   Rude Lounge

15)   The Bombay Bronx

16)   The Fisherman’s Wharf

17)   Town Hall

18)   PDA

19)   Glocal

20)   Social

21)   Mr. Choy

22)   Toast

23)   Public Affair

24)   Pings

25)   Miami

26)   Bar 41

27)   Bootlegger

28)   Big Brewsky

29)   PCO

30)   Harry’s Bar & CafĂ©

31)   The Biere Club

About Campari

Campari is an alcoholic spirit famous for its passionate Italian style and excellence throughout the world and obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water. With its vibrant red colour, intense aroma and inspiring flavour, Campari has always been a symbol of intrigue and pleasure, which unfurls itself into a captivating and stimulating drinking experience.


Aspri Spirits Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2004. The company today represents some of the finest brands in the world of Wines and Spirits and is one of the leading players in the imported alcoholic beverage segment. The company with its commitment to ensure highest quality standards focuses on the sales, marketing and distribution of its diverse portfolio and is dedicated to building premium international brands in travel retail and domestic markets across South Asia.