Parryware Green Products, a solution for the looming Water Crisis!

The brand offers ecological products to counter the increase water shortage

Pune, 21th June, 2017: Parryware, a brand synonymous with innovation and technology, has once again outsmarted the competition with its product offerings. The water crisis has been increasing in the country and there are multiple measures being taken to curb this across sections. Washroom has emerged as a crucial area where the water consumption is high and thus demanding fresh focus towards water conservation. Anticipating the concern of depleting water resources in the country, Parryware has emerged as a thought leader in the bathroom industry with introduction of innovative water saving products.

Parryware Green Products, a solution for the looming Water Crisis!

In early 1980’s, 12.5 litres of water was used for each flush in the coupled closet toilets and 10 litres was used for the standalone ones. There has been a steady reduction in volume of per flush over the years with change in technology. The shifting of WC designs from Box rim to open rim was a challenge faced by the designers in sanitaryware segment to maintain consistent performance efficiency. Parryware’s commitment to environment and its constant endeavor to innovate has led to the development of water saving technology and solutions through the eco-range of sustainable products.

In the early 2000 Parryware initiated the re-design of its water closets and modified its flushing mechanism to 6 litres of water for single flush and 3 litres for the short flush. Different Rim designs coupled with advanced internal parts in plastics and short flush concepts in the fittings were introduced for high consistent results. The throw of water through these plastic channels were of the optimum volume and pressure ensuring delivery of water at the designated spot for better removal of waste. The brand had also introduced ‘Niagara series’, a revolutionary offering from Parryware with efficient water-saving systems. This range of closets requires only 4 litres of water to flush solid waste and 2 litres for liquid waste, saving upto 60% water on everyday usage.

Mr K.E Ranganathan, MD, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd. “Innovating towards a sustainable future is the way ahead for our Industry and Parryware has embraced this philosophy since its inception. Individual households consume a large amount of water everyday and with the availability of the resource declining, we need to provide solutions that help conserve water today as well as ensuring its availability for the coming years. Water friendly toilets and green faucets from Parryware is a step in that direction showing the brand’s care for the environment.”
The other water-saving products from Parryware include waterless urinal, electronic taps and electronic flushing systems, which can save up to 1.35 lakh litres of water per year. The touch-free hygienic, water-saving electronic taps use only 300 litres of water per wash in place of 600 litres used by a normal tap. The Parryware range of products is a perfect blend of classic design and modern innovation, be it a water-saving cisterns, hygiene or just comfort.

About Parryware
Parryware, India’s leading manufacturer of bathroom products, is the flagship brand in the portfolio of Roca India.  Roca Group is a 2 billion euros Spanish giant, and is a world leader in bathroom space. The expertise and revolutionary R&D technology of Roca and the customer trust of Parryware proved to be a potent force to strengthen market share in India. Originated from EID Parry, Parryware has a strong legacy of more than 60 years and is among the pioneering brands in India.
Parryware has introduced game-changing bathroom solutions and progressive technology in India. The brand has refreshed itself with ‘Always in fashion' positioning  to further reiterate its commitment of offering contemporary and unique designs including colors, trendy shapes, advanced technology that matches the imagination and lifestyle of the young, discerning Indian customer. Parryware introduced for the first time in India a complete bathroom customer care support during mid 1990s and has since built a strong service network across 30 cities in India.  Parryware products are manufactured in 8 factories across India and is present through a strong distribution network of 7800+ dealers and retailers in the Indian market.  For more information -