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Bon Appétit at ‘Food Paradise’

Bon Appétit at ‘Food Paradise’

~FYI TV18 brings best food locations across the world from 20th July at 8PM~

Planning to travel the world and want to savour exotic cuisine? Worry not, FYI TV18’s new show ‘Food Paradise’ picks all the tastiest and must-see food locations across the world that offer unique dining experiences. The show which premiers on 20th July at 8PM will aim at featuring the best places to find various cuisines internationally.

Food Paradise follows a theme, where they combine the world’s scrumptious dishes in the most legendary and undiscovered destination that will have the viewers’ taste buds bursting. Each episode will take the viewers on a culinary quest to discover unique types of restaurants serving up their signature specialties. It's the most unusual foods the continents have to offer; dishes from Asia and Europe to Africa and Australia.

The 11 episodic series will showcase most delectable dishes which are situated at novel locations, right from 2.2 pounds of rosemary-grilled steak in Italy, crispy lobster in Barcelona, shrimp on the barbie in Sydney, and hands-down, the juiciest burgers from all over the world. Food Paradise is a walk in all the delicacies your stomach and eyes can handle in one sitting.
Tune into FYI TV18 every Thursday at 8PM for ‘Food Paradise’