TCS World 10K 2017 Bengaluru raises a record INR 7.55 crores for charity

World’s premier 10K witnesses a 25% increase in funds for societal causes

Bengaluru, 5th July 2017: The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) World 10K 2017, the world’s premier 10K run continued to be the single largest charity raising platform in South India raising a record INR 7.55 crores for charity in its tenth edition.

With over 23,000 people running this edition, 91 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) benefited from funds raised by the enthused runners in aid of multiple causes such as Children, Persons with Disability, Community Development, Elderly, Education, Environment and Animal Welfare, Health, and support towards the girl child and women, in association with the event’s Philanthropy Partner India Cares Foundation.

"TCS World 10K Bengaluru has become a very important opportunity to reach out and generate funds for many CSOs. The event is also an important opportunity to generate undesignated funds; very necessary to fill gaps in programmes and take up opportunities to expand services. Indeed for an increasing number of CSOs, the event has become an integral part of their annual communications and fundraising strategy to enable growth plans. A record INR 7.55 crore has been contributed this year, 25% more than last year. On behalf of the participating CSOs, we would like to say ‘Thank you’ to every donor, fundraiser and company who have helped grow the philanthropy pillar of the TCS World 10K." said Murray Culshaw, Chairperson, India Cares Foundation.

Commenting on the continued association with this run, Nagraj Ijari, Vice President & Head, Bangalore Ops Tata Consultancy Services said, " Year after year the TCS World 10K amazes me with it's growing philanthropy paradigm. Keeping up with up with the consistent growth in the funds raised in aid of charity, we are aiming at raising at least 10 crores next year"

Puneeth Rajkumar, ‘Face of the TCS World 10K, said, “I am always humbled by the dedication and perseverance in which everyone comes together to raise money for societal issues that plague the city and the country. With a record amount raised for charity this year, I believe that we could not have asked for a better conclusion to mark a decade of the TCS World 10K in Bengaluru. I am proud to be associated with this event and being part of a community that is always thinking beyond oneself.”

Echoing Puneeth's thoughts, Commissioner of Bengaluru City Police, Praveen Sood said, " The TCS World 10K  is not just a run anymore but has now become an annual festival for the city. With more than 24,000 runners taking to the streets every year, this run  is namma habba and is also a celebration of philanthropic spirit of Bengaluru. I have been making people run for the last decade, and am sure that I will continue to do so in the future as well"


Some of the key milestones this year include:
•A total of INR 1,70,54,210 collectively raised by the top 3 CSOs Isha Vidya, The Association of People with Disability and Vidya Sagar
•In the Care Champions category, a family that runs together stays together, with the family of Nikhilesh MM, Nagashree NM and Vignesh MM (Husband, Wife and Brother) raising over INR 8,00,000 each for Kalisu Foundation working with the Government schools in Mysuru
•Amongst the top corporate contributors First American and KPMG collectively contributed INR 29,05,000, while the employees of TE Connectivity raised INR 15,59,663 with the Corporate Cares category raising a total amount of INR 1,31,22,063
•And last but not the least, the youngest fund raisers in the Youth Cares category saw CherYsh Trust represented by Ethan Martin, Abhinav Senthil & Yash Chandrashekar raising INR 1,46,000/-


With INR 6.05 Crores raised in the 2016 edition of the run, the benefit of these funds went beyond monetary support, with the funds benefiting 19,815 individuals across various causes, including but not limited to:
•2281 patients mainly in antenatal care and medical emergencies
•1100 saplings planted by farmers which will give them livelihood for the year.
•Salaries of 60 women who taught English to 1000 students during the year
•Construction of a library in a government school for 450 students
•The education of nearly 6000 children for one academic year
•Over 1000 elders received basic medical screening and care
•4000+ persons with a disability were supported by providing mobility aids, vocational training and employment; corrective surgeries, etc.

Vivek Singh, Joint Managing Director, Procam International, concluded, “Not only has the TCS World 10K become a premier event in the international running calendar over the decade, but it has also established itself as one of the largest fundraising platforms for various social causes. Our philanthropy partners, India Cares have worked tirelessly to collectively mobilise Corporates, CSO’s, runners and the city of Bengaluru to contribute diligently and honestly to causes that are close to everyone’s heart.”

With the run incorporating numerous waste management initiatives working towards an eco-friendly run, Mr. Singh added that all the waste management initiatives for this run was also a reflection of a conscientious society that Bengaluru is, sharing, “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank every volunteer, participant and citizen of Bengaluru who helped in making the run an eco-friendly event and ensuring a 100% waste managed event. This run would not have been successful had we not contributed to the green development of this garden city.”

Adding to Mr. Singh’s comments, Dilip Jayaram, CEO, Procam International, shared, “The TCS World 10K is committed to building sustainable initiatives and in addition to becoming a 100% waste managed event, we also initiated the Cubbon Park Rejuvenation project aimed at restoring the lungs of Bengaluru. Thanks to the direction of Mr N. S. Ramakanth, the tireless efforts of team Hasirudula in waste management and Venkat from Swabhimaan remaining food deployment and waste management.”

The Cubbon Park Rejuvenation Project has been launched with the aid of the Horticulture department and mentored by Vishwanath S, popularly known as ‘Zenrainman’ and Ramprasad Dasa from the friends of lakes who will be deploying their knowledge of best practices for water conservation with the final aim of rejuvenating and building a sustainable model to revive the water bodies of Cubbon Park.  

The project has already cleaned and de-silted 7 open wells at Cubbon Park, and installed mesh cover to prevent leaves and garbage falling into the wells. Within the next fortnight pumps and required electrical works for each of the wells and suitable pipelines to transport water from the wells to the ‘samp’ will be completed. The project also includes the digging of rainwater trenches to harvest rainwater for these water bodies. The funds for these projects are being raised via corporates and crowd funding and we do hope the citizens of Bengaluru would contribute on

Philanthropy has been an instrumental pillar of the TCS World 10K. Since its inception in 2008, the event has raised over INR 33 crores benefitting numerous CSOs, supporting varied causes and it will continue to inspire runners and set new benchmarks in fund raising.


◾Highest Fundraising CSO: Isha Vidya – INR. 69,58,118/-
◾Second Highest Fundraising CSO: The Association of People With Disability - INR. 52,80,130/-
◾Third Highest Fundraising CSO: Vidya Sagar - INR.48,15,962/-

◾Highest Contributing Company: First American - INR. 17,50,000/-
◾Second Highest Contributing company: KPMG - INR. 11,55,000/-
◾Highest Fundraising Corporate Cares Team: TE Connectivity – INR. 15,59,663/-

◾Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champion Platinum (Individuals in this category commit to raise a minimum of INR 10 Lakh)

Ms. Sha Nigar for The Association for People with Disability - INR 51,57,630/-
◾Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champion Diamond (Individuals in this category commit to raise a minimum of INR 5 lakh.)

Mr. Mathew PV - Dream India Network -  INR. 14,94,000/-
◾Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champion Gold (Individuals in this category commit to raise a minimum of INR 2.5 lakh.)

Dr. Prahalathan KK for Bhumi -  INR 5,43,481/-
◾Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champion Silver (Individuals in this category commit to raise a minimum of INR 1 lakh.)

Patrick Pitchappa for Reaching Hand - INR 2,85,099/-

◾Highest Fundraising Youth Care team ( Team of 3 students forming a group to raise a minimum of INR 50,000)

For CherYsh Trust by Ethan Martin, Abhinav Senthil & Yash Chandrasekhar – INR 1,46,000/-

ICARE: (Individuals who decide to do the best they can)
◾Highest Individual Fundraiser: Jacqueline Colaco for Diya Foundation - INR 3,45,572/-
◾Second Highest Individual Fundraiser: Praveen Shetty for Vasantharatna Foundation for Arts - INR 2,10,902/-

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