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Teen Wolf stars ‘Scott and Malia’ set to get romantically involved this season

There is some good news awaiting for the fans of Teen Wolf before the season end.  From what it looks like, sparks will fly between the protagonists Scott(Tyler Posey) and Malia(Shelley Hennig), who are also popularly known as ‘Scalia. Scott and Malia will “slowly develop” some sexual tension, and with only 10 episodes left it is safe to assume they are the endgame.

There are going to be little hints at the start of Season 6B that push the two closer together, Shelley Hennig told TV Guide on the Teen Wolf red carpet at San Diego Comic-Con.

"All of a sudden Scott is putting a blanket on Malia and you're like, 'Hmm, we know what they're doing here,'" the actress teased. "So we milked it and were having fun. I think the chemistry is good."

Teen Wolf 6th season consists of two stories broken into 10 episode arcs. First part of this season revolves around the premise of ‘Remember’, where characters are abducted by Ghost Riders, who are a part of the mythical Wild Hunt. Anyone who sees them becomes a target for erasure and the person who gets abducted gets erased from everyone’s memory. Watch Scott McCall and his gang one last time as they take on their biggest enemies ‘The Ghost Riders’.

Teen Wolf season 6 airs every Saturday at 10 PM only on AXN