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BVG to operate Emergency Medical Services in Andhra Pradesh

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Bharat Vikas Group (BVG) India’s largest integrated service company today was awarded the contract for providing Emergency Medical Services for the state of Andhra Pradesh.
The Andhra Pradesh Emergency Medical Services is a joint project between of Government of Andhra Pradesh and consortium of BVG India Ltd UK SAS.  Citizens across the state of Andhra Pradesh today avail free ambulance medical emergency by dialing toll free number ‘108’. BVG has implemented a network of around 467 ambulances across the state of AP, including 76 advance life support and remaining 389 Basic Life support ambulances.

BVG also has set up a state of the art Control Room in Amravati. The control room will operate 24 x7 and all calls dialed to 108 from across AP from any mobile or landline number will reach the ERC, where in the expert call handlers’ will understand the emergency and connect the patient to the doctor in the ambulance and dispatch the nearest ambulance to rescue the patient. The 108 emergency services will cover all the urban, rural and remotest of places of the state with a will equipped trained and expert team. Altogether 12-member core team of experts along with a strong workforce of 3000 people will provide relief to people who are in need of emergency medical services.

Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shelke, COO has assured that the employment of existing EMTs, Pilots working on the 108 ambulances and the Hospital front desk executives working across the state will be continued if their performance is satisfactory.

Speaking on the development Mr. Hanmant. R. Gaikwad, Chairman, BVG, said, “It is a matter of great pride and honor.  We have a very good and close association executing large projects with various governments. We currently are providing medical emergency services to people of Maharashtra to best of our abilities and are confident that the same would be replicated in AP. We are confident that the core team and the entire workforce will bring relief to people who need medical services in distress and will further strengthen our relationship with people and give them the best possible emergency services at crucial juncture.”

In the recent development High court of Hyderabad judicature dismissed the plea of GVK EMRI and upheld the decision of Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh to award the contract of Andhra Pradesh Emergency Medical Services 108 ambulance service project to consortium of BVG India Ltd and UK SAS. Last year on completion of the contract new tender was floated by the Govt Of Andhra Pradesh Health and Family Welfare Dept. This contract was awarded to the consortium of BVG India Ltd and UK SAS in Sept 2016 as a successful bidder fulfilling the technical and financial qualification as L1 bidder. It is pertinent to note that the same consortium of BVG India Ltd and UK SAS has been successfully running the Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services with the fleet of 937 emergencies 108 ambulance project in the Maharashtra since 2014 and also a fleet of 254 ambulances project in New Delhi. 

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