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LIKE App crosses 1 million downloads on Android and IOS in a week's time

New Delhi, 25th August, 2017 -- Recently launched app LIKE has already been downloaded 1 million times on the Android and IOS within a week's time.

LIKE App crosses 1 million downloads on Android and IOS in a week's time

LIKE app is technically upgraded with the most modernistic features that includes high performance  client architecture to guarantee fluent user experience even on low end mobile phones, fancy video processing effect and fast and fluent video play technology that defines the world  best across a plethora of networks and tech arenas.

LIKE, a short video recording app for the screenagers of India is developed by Bigo Technology Company, which is all set to become the leading trend on social media by creating short videos!

Through this app a video can be created with embedded effects such as LASER EYE, BUTTERFLY, HEART, FROZEN etc. Along with these effects, you can also lip sync your favourite dialogue or song to make your video more appealing. The App is available on IOS and Google Play store in 10 different languages- English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Guajarati, Marathi, Telgu and Punjabi.

The Spokesperson for the LIKE App Mr. Aaron Wei quoted "With India being the youngest nation of this world where the youth is so much in love with dance, music and colors, LIKE intends to create a community of common people who find happiness in entertainment and socializing." He further added that "currently LIKE is focusing on building an entertaining online community for the talented users. We aim to become the biggest online video community in India where youths can create amazing and inspiring content."