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Quirk it Up, this Rakshabandhan!

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Quirk it Up, this Rakshabandhan!
Sibling rivalry, annoying squabbles and endless teasing define the repertoire between siblings as kids. But you’re an adult now, and the unimaginable has happened! You’re not only close, but inseparable! So, why not thank your sibling for being your pillar of support, with these quirky and unique gifting options!

1.       Fondue Machine 

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 Fondue Machine

The only time we tend to come across a fondue machine is at a wedding or a brunch at a fancy restaurant. But what if you had a fondue machine at home? What a way to step up your dinner party game! You could set up melted cheese with bread, vegetable and ham pieces or a classic chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallows and brownies. Apart from being sinfully delicious, it is a fun way to eat with your friends and makes for a great gift! You can pick up a reasonably priced fondue set at any of the online stores.

2.       Polaroid Camera 

Polaroid Camera

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With the deluge of smartphones, instant cameras provide you with the unique satisfaction of watching your picture develop in front of your eyes. A vintage trend that’s not going anywhere, no matter how far the digital revolution spirals. These quirky looking cameras can capture credit-card sized print at a minute’s notice. Polaroids are not just for oldies or hipsters and the Fujifilm Instax is reasonably priced as well. So, gift your sibling that cool gadget to snap up their memories!

3.       Book-Ends 

Book-ends are a great way to spruce up a boring book-shelf! Not only does it prevent the books from toppling over, but adds a decorative accent to your collection. For all your neat freaks out there, this is a great way to keep your shelf looking immaculate and organized. You can check out websites like PropShop24 for off-beat options. So, if your sibling is a book-worm and keeps their books with the utmost care, this is a great gift to liven up their day and get some brownie points!

4.       A bottle of wine

A bottle of wine

Image result for sula brut tropicale

With Rakshabandhan sparking off the festivities every year, the calories are piling on! It is difficult to resist the assortment of mithai, chocolates and various other delicacies that can put your diet completely out of whack! Why not replace this with a healthier option that’s good for your heart and promotes longevity? Go for the Sula Brut Tropicale, a fresh, fruity and palatable wine! A bottle of wine can even make a perfect gift for your sibling! In fact, you could enjoy the wine along with a nice home-cooked meal and a heart to heart to tighten that sibling bond! Sula has a wide array of options to pick from, buoyant reds, crisp whites or sparkling bubblies!

5.       Personalized photo-collages

 Personalized photo-collages
Photo Collage Ideas to Help You Stylishly Display Your Favorite Images

Taking hundreds of selfies with your smartphone is of no real use if you’re not doing anything with your favorite memories! Arrange them in free-form or string them across the wall, with fairy lights to brighten up your boring room. There are loads of DIY ideas on Pinterest or Tumblr to help you come up with an ideal design! There’s nothing better than a personalized touch to make the gift even more special!

Step away from the mundane and embrace these options to set yourself apart. With these options, you can find the ultimate gift to make your sibling feel cherished!

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