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TAL Manufacturing Solutions launches ‘Robo Whiz’ for robotics education

New Delhi, August 11, 2017: After the successful launch of India’s first indigenously developed robot, ‘BRABO’ in April 2017, TAL Manufacturing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motors today launched ‘Robo Whiz’, an education cell designed for universities and polytechnics. Robo Whiz will provide students hands-on experience and help develop skills needed for effective use and management of Robotics and Automation technology.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. R S Thakur, Non-Executive Director & Chairman – TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited, said, “Robotics and automation play a critical role in today’s manufacturing and assembly operations. With this expected to further expand in the coming years, it is imperative to train the future workforce for this transition. The launch of Robo Whiz will enable us to actively collaborate with our education community partners to develop the best possible solutions, curriculum and tools for industrial robotics.”

Robotic arms of foreign players offer limited options to access the Robot configuration and controller. The Robo Whiz comes with the open architecture, access to controller and provides an open platform for robotics learning and development practices. Integrating Robot with various peripheral devices like vision sensor, seamless signal and communication interface offers a wide scope of industrial applications to experiment with.

According to Mr.Amit Bhingurde Chief Operations Officer, TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited,” The Robo Whiz Education Cell will help students develop skills necessary for the advanced manufacturing industry including cost reduction measures and innovative techniques to enhance quality leading to better performance. In addition to training, we will also assist education institutes to develop a curriculum. We plan to conduct robotics and automation workshops in education institutes across the country. “

The design of ‘Robo Whiz’ features an open source controller which enables easy communication with third party softwares like LabVIEW, MATLAB, Visual studio and Java. This enables students to learn various aspects of Robotics and Automation coupled with practical applications of Robot Programming, axis movement, trajectory movement, linear movement and computer vision.
The current list of BRABO Education Cell customers include BITS Dubai Campus, Kaziranga University, PSG College, Bhavnagar Polytechnic, ongoing orders with IITM and MOU with IIT Ropar


The TAL BRABO is the country’s first Indigenously developed, ‘Made in India’ solution, developed to cater to micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as for large scale manufacturers who require cost competitive automated solutions in manufacturing. The robot is available robot in two variants, with payloads of 2, 6 and 10 kilos, priced between INR 5 – 8.5 lakhs.

Designed and styled in-house at TAL Manufacturing and Tata Elxsi respectively, Tata AutoComp manufactured some of the critical components of the robot. Conceptualized to complement human workforce and perform repetitive, high volume, dangerous and time-consuming tasks, the TAL BRABO robot, can be deployed across industries.

Having successfully tested the TAL BRABO in over 50 customer work streams so far, TAL Manufacturing is ready to supply these robots to several sectors including Automotive, Electronics, Software Testing, Plastics, Logistics, Education, Aerospace and Heavy Engineering among others, simplifying industrial manufacturing, improving quality and productivity.

About TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited:

TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited, a TATA Enterprise, is a wholly owned subsidiary of TATA Motors and is one of the leading companies in India, successfully delivering manufacturing solutions for over 40 years to customers in Automotive and Heavy Engineering and more recently, to Robotics, Aerospace and Defence sectors. Telco Automation Limited (TAL) was formed in 2000, by merging two mother divisions of TATA Motors – Machine Tools and Growth. The ones that designed and built the machines, equipment and automation requirements of TATA Motors, during its setup of manufacturing facilities. This model was followed by TATA Motors in the 1960’s and 70’s, to ensure lower cost of capital acquisition by minimizing imports of such machines and equipment and thereby build vehicles at prices that were affordable to Indian customers.