Zurie Design Studio Redefines Passion for Luxury with Walk-in-Wardrobe

Zurie Design Studio which is India’s most revolutionary fashion & luxury brand is all set to delight the connoisseurs with an absolutely enthralling and unprecedented user experience. This time, Zurie comes with Walk-in-Wardrobe (WiW) concept: an opportunity to invite world’s leading brands in statement jewellery and fashion accessories along with Zurie’s expert consultants in social events, parties, celebrations, etc. Through WiW, a qualified team of stylists will create a magnificent wardrobe for the host of the party and enrich the guests with the luxurious shopping experience.

WiW starts with a quirky showcase full of accessories and perfumes from which both guests and hosts can select their pick. After this fun filled activity, one-to-one interactive sessions with Zurie’s luxury consultants to talk about their inspiration and how to style their pieces to keep guests entertained throughout the party. Moreover, besides adding swank and panache to one’s style, WiW creates a magnificent shopping experience. WiW showers host/hostess with amazing Reward Points against every purchase made and offers a chance to win free exclusive goodies as a token of love and gratitude.

Being the Co-founder and Creative Director of Zurie Design Studio, Ms. Sonam Gupta believes that Walk-in-Wardrobe (WiW) is the need of the time, she said, “Luxury brands that thrive on people’s dreams and aspirations cannot work in isolation. They must have to accompany their celebrations and should empower them with richer user experience, and at Zurie, WiW is the pragmatic outcome of this philosophy.”

To book a 'Walk in Wardrobe' for your upcoming events:

Contact our Stylists at support@zurie.co.in or +919899072107

Become a Stylist with Us:

All you need to do is get in touch with our stylists, pick the pieces that you would like to sell & earn money from every sale.

Send your Profile to us at support@zurie.co.in