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Connect kick-starts ‘Smile Day’ campaign to delight customers

Connect kick-starts ‘Smile Day’ campaign to delight customers

Chandigarh, September 07, 2017: Sometimes all it takes to cheer up someone is a smile. Connect Broadband associates smiling faces with quality customer service and that is the reason the market leader in Wireline and Broadband services has launched the very unique ‘Smile Day’ campaign for its customers. The campaign inspires its employees to go the extra mile and delight Customers through kind gestures and services that exceed the expectations in service industry.

To celebrate Smile Day, three prime locations of Connect showrooms in Chandigarh were identified. The staff was seen cheerfully interacting with customers while offering solutions to various services such as resolving queries, handling billing dispute cases, disconnection requests, sharing information, executing migration of plans, customer retentions, and attending to technical faults, all with a smile.

Mr. Arvind Bali, CEO Connect Broadband and Videocon Telecom said, "Smiling isn’t just something your face does. It communicates your state of mind. It has the power to influence people’s perception of a brand and reflects in customer satisfaction. It carries tremendous goodwill for a brand."Our smiling customer service team is willing to serve our customers and ready to go the extra mile."

CONNECT is a PAN India ISP Licensee with market leadership in Punjab Telecom Circle, which consists of Punjab, the Union Territory of Chandigarh and Panchkula. The Company also provides a full gamut of telecommunication services, which includes voice telephony, both Wireline and fixed wireless, Internet services, broadband data services and a range of value added service viz., Centrex, leased lines, voice mail and video conferencing. Connect has recently expanded its coverage footprint with launch of data services in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh
CONNECT also provides Wireless Broadband service across Punjab. Offering high speed internet through a wireless medium, CONNECT Wireless Broadband enables users to access internet through their Laptops, PCs, Tablets, Wi-Fi enabled phones in the wireless vicinity & FTTH which is a Broadband telecommunications system based on fiber-optic cables and associated optical electronics. The technology reaches the boundary of the living space, such as a box on the outside wall of a home. Quadruple play of high-speed broadband, high-definition video, unlimited 'anywhere' telephony, and real-time surveillance are a few key take-always for users.