Festive season is here and interior spaces see a re-jig. Refurbishing one’s house in as many ways as possible; every corner looking out for some sort of beautification, inspiration and celebration is definitely on top of everyone’s mind.  Is it that you think only lights to add some festive glitter in your house though? Let’s broaden that horizon. For the time when you need some bling to enliven and lighten your interior scheme, we suggest you adorn your house with some glitterati with laminates and veneers.

The interior industry pulsates with newer applications and goes adventurous this season. Glistening and sparkling in the light are the new pearlescent by Greenlam and Decowood’s silver splash which is perfect to add some sheen and up the glam quotient of your interiors.



Mixed metal décor:

In the maze of thoughts that leaves you baffled, our inputs can give you a head start on how to best use metallic hues. When you arrange your interiors this season, think less of symmetry and more of stylish comfort. You can mix and match textured surfaces in bright hues with metallic blends in a great way. With a large portfolio now available in laminates as well the right colours can be used to make statement furniture pieces. These are extremely easy to maintain.

The colours could vary with the use of royal colours like turquoise, olive green, pink or even purple. Consider adding antique gold and silver accents in the form of cabinet handles to accentuate the royal feel. Use of a statement wall in brick can definitely break the monotony as well. Embrace the bling by mixing silvers, golds and coppers in your artwork, furniture and accessories. The result is a million dollar look and a lavish style that everyone will love.

Digital Vintage Prints: 

Envision a space that sits between yesterday’s nostalgic art decor and today’s digital art scene. To achieve this look, combine old vintage with techno art.  Satisfy your thirst for a myriad of beautiful colour schemes and saturate yourself in it. At Greenlam, digitally customized inspirations are used in a whole new way and it changes everything. Consider intermixing two, three or more shades and patterns, in common hues or complex arrangements that create interesting vibrant schemes. The renewal of colour is an exciting trend. Gone are the days where one was brave enough to only try monochromes. Take guidance on schemes from the colour wheel. Mix and match differing tones of a hue together with some striking contrasts and you have a very current accented interior scheme. Don’t hesitate to use bright bold colours and experiment with prints such as chevron, stripes, floral and polka dots to add to the quirk.

Rustic luxurious revolutions:

Sober base and sparkling embellishments- Picture this perfect blend for a design scheme in your house. Add character to your room with the help of mesmerizing looks and gloriously tactile textures that enliven your interior scheme. Antique embellishments paired with wood ups the scale of making your home décor look regal. Wood is not only aesthetically appealing, but with innovation in technology engineered wood also adds to tactile elements that are easy to maintain.

When walking into a space wrapped in beautiful wood finishes, there is a sense of luxury and elegance. Adding interesting interior veneer enhanced accessories into a home allows endless interior design possibilities. Custom light fixtures, accent furniture pieces, and even ultra-modern wooden rugs are just a few interior accessory ideas that can be created using natural veneer. Placing exotic veneers is an essential element in obtaining an elite design concept. Nothing gives the feel of elegance and luxury quite like wood veneer.
Fusion it up with an ethnic touch

Hand woven fabrics or raw silk cushions and curtains are heart-warming and make for a great concoction for an Indo- European look when mixed with real wood furniture. You can always add a base colour like beige or grey to neutralize the effect. For the real wood look and easy maintenance you can consider premium veneers like Decowood. This festive season should be an exclusive-blend of impeccable quality with a touch of elegance. The key is to go for a subtle look that can last, and simply accentuate it with the right colours. Being innovative is what it takes. Choose combinations like pale browns with glowing copper and deep purples with a metallic tone like shimmery silver. Keeping the interiors fuss-free and accentuating with throws, cushions and other accessories is the way to go.
Be dazzled by this superb amalgamation of nature & artistic minds to deck your spaces with sheer grandeur! Make your interiors shine bright like a diamond this Christmas