EDII to impart entrepreneurial training to over 5,000 youths of Ahmedabad over the next two years

·       The project is especially designed to promote entrepreneurship among the underprivileged/weaker sections of the society, including SC/ST and women.
·         Employment opportunity will be generated for around 7,500 persons from the project.

Ahmedabad| September 27, 2017

EDII to impart entrepreneurial training to over 5,000 youths of Ahmedabad over the next two years

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) – an acknowledged National Resource Organisation for entrepreneurship education, research, training and institution-building – today launched a project to train over 5,000 youths in entrepreneurship, including people from the underprivileged/weaker sections as also the women, over the next two years. The project has been designed by EDII and will be implemented with support and guidance from Dr Kirit P Solanki, Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Ahmedabad West. Dr. Solanki has vowed to adopt Por, Barejadi and Kamboi villages for the same.

EDII will organise awareness and sensitisation camps for 2,000 students with science and technology background. Simultaneously, the institute will conduct especially-designed Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs) for 5,000 youths so that they acquire training and are able to set up their own enterprises. Considering that at least 2,500 out of the 5,000 youths trained under the project will set up their enterprises, employment generation or around 7,500 persons, at a rate of three per unit, is expected to be generated.

The twofold objective of the project is to first develop entrepreneurial skills among youth, in order to incline them towards taking up entrepreneurship as a career and second, to impart focussed training in entrepreneurship so that the trained youths identify an opportunity and are able to set up their microenterprises. 

At the launch of the project, Dr Solanki said, “The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has a vision of converting India into a developed economy, with its target on inclusive growth. Through this project, we aim to involve youths and women, particularly from underprivileged/weaker sections of the society in the entrepreneurial movement. We will open training centres at various locations in and around Ahmedabad and involve colleges to ensure that youths and women get adequate opportunities to showcase their skills for new enterprise creation.”

Dr Sunil Shukla, Director, EDII said, “The awareness of entrepreneurship has increased in the recent past due to continued focus of our Hon’ble PM on new enterprise creation and youth upskilling. Entrepreneurship leads to comprehensive development and through this project, EDII aims to widespread entrepreneurship. We look forward to tangible results in terms of 50 per cent of the trained youths setting up their enterprise.”

Chief Guest of the event, Shri Gautam Shah, Hon’ble Mayor, Ahmedabad city said, “This project will open up a new chapter for the heritage city of Ahmedabad. EDII’s role in entrepreneurship development has been commendable and through this project, they will now empower youths and women to generate multiple jobs.”

Shri Shah urged the youths to fly high and realise their dreams of entrepreneurship.

Prof S B Sareen, Project Director and a senior faculty member of EDII, shared “Every activity of the institute is focused on spearheading entrepreneurship. We do not want today’s youth to stand in queue for jobs. We do not want them to be jobseekers. We want them to be job providers, which is the primary objective of this project. Post training, we will also extend follow-up support to ensure setting up of at least 2,500 enterprises and employment provision to at least 7,500 people.”

The function concluded with a Vote of Thanks from Mr Prakash Solanki, Project Coordinator and Faculty, EDII.

About EDII (www.ediindia.org)

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) is an acclaimed International Resource Centre facilitating all facets of Entrepreneurship Development. EDII’s mission is to be a catalyst in facilitating emergence of competent first-generation entrepreneurs and transition of existing SMEs into growth-oriented enterprises through entrepreneurship education, training, research and institution-building.

EDII is an autonomous and not-for-profit institute, set up in 1983, and is sponsored by apex financial institutions – the IDBI Bank Ltd, IFCI Ltd, ICICI Bank Ltd and the State Bank of India (SBI). The Government of Gujarat pledged 23 acres of land on which stands the majestic and sprawling EDII campus. To pursue its mission, EDII has helped set up 12 state-level exclusive Entrepreneurship Development Centres and institutes. One of the satisfying achievements, however, was taking entrepreneurship to a large number of schools, colleges, science & technology institutions and management schools in several states by including entrepreneurship inputs in their curricula.