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Fort Stories - A Heritage Walk

Fort Stories - A Heritage Walk

Join us at Trip 360˚ as we explore the iconic Mumbai neighbourhood on a walking tour that spotlights its hidden history with Alisha Sadikot! The stories that lie behind, around, and within the buildings, streets and spaces so familiar today. The route takes you through the area’s earliest history as a struggling fortified town that would grow into a crowded, cosmopolitan, trading centre, to its place at the heart of 19th century developments that transformed Bombay into India’s ‘first city’, and, finally, to area’s unique post-independence challenges and changes in identity.

Highlights: We begin at the heart of the erstwhile Fort at the old Town Hall (Asiatic Society), walk around Horniman Circle to St. Thomas’ Cathedral, Flora Fountain and onward to the High Court and University Buildings. After visiting the ruins of one of Mumbai's fanciest historic hotels, we cross over into Oval Maidan to view the Art Deco precinct opposite.

Represented along this route are the various architectural traditions that characterize the historic city centre. During the walk, archival images of the city help bridge the gap between past and present.
Post the walk, you can also join us for a healthy breakfast at a heritage eatery!

Date: 16th September 2017, Saturday
Time: 8:00-10:30 AM
Cost: INR 950/-

u  Professional Guide
u  Energy Bar, Caps, Trip 360 badge, juice
Things to Carry:
l  Water
l  Poncho (Incase it rains)
l  An inquisitive mind!

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