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Gaurs Group contributes for the better education

With a motive to provide helping hand to the kids of primary school located in the village Bisrakh of Greater Noida, the Gaurs Group came forward to donate the stationary items to the kids. The donation program was carrid in a primary school located in the same area. The Gaurs group have been helping the school since long. The group had earlier donated furniture and ceiling fans in the primary schools located in the villages of Greater Noida.

The event was also followed by a program where children presented various performances.  The program commenced with the lamp lighting. The students and teachers appreciated the efforts and initiatives made by the group. The education officer from the village was also present as a guest in the program. He appreciated the contribution made by the Gaurs Group and seemed happy with the whole event. Apart from this, the teachers and children of the school also seemed happy.

    “There should be a parallelism for education in society. Education is the basic right of all children. Education and proper educational facilities play a vital role in determining the future of children. Also, the financial background of children shouldn’t affect their inner talent thus, it’s its relevant for people like us to come forward with efforts that can act as a helping hand for these children says” Manju Gaur, Director, Gaurs Group.