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HHV sets up high precision optics fabrication laboratory at Bangalore

Mumbai, September 25, 2017: Hind High Vacuum Co. Pvt. Ltd. (HHV), a vacuum science and technology company, with major clients like HAL, ISRO, BARC, Titan etc, announced that it has set up an optics fabrication laboratory at its existing unit at Dabaspet, Bangalore, with a view to offer a diverse portfolio of capabilities for fabrication of high precision optical components in the visible and Infrared range.

HHV sets up high precision optics fabrication laboratory at Bangalore

HHV is already a leader in the supply of thin film optical coatings. With the addition of this optics fabrication laboratory, HHV is now geared up to provide end to end solutions for complex optical component requirements, especially for space and defence applications.

HHV through this laboratory, will now  manufacture different sizes of lenses, flats, prisms and domes for various applications including night vision optics, Binoculars, Periscopes, Astronomical and Telescopic mirrors etc. Extensive experience exists in- house, in working with materials like Fused Silica, Zerodur, optical glass types imported from Schott, Germany and successfully handling Silicon, Germanium and Zinc Sulphide materials.

“Being vertically integrated allows HHV unparalleled freedom in addressing the inherent challenges of manufacturing optical components from fabrication of the substrates to thin film coating” said Prasanth Sakhamuri, Managing Director of HHV. “We continuously endeavour to improve and expand our manufacturing capabilities, thus establishing our reputation as an industry leader in achieving the most difficult tolerances” .

The laboratory consists of various machines for curve generation, centering, edging, trepanning, slitting, polishing and grinding for spherical optics and prisms. Substrates up to 200mm diameter can be processed. It is proposed to add single point diamond turning, shortly to expand its capabilities to aspheric fabrication and address diverse applications.

HHV has a comprehensive understanding of various MIL specs, ISO specifications and customer issued quality documents. The test lab houses sophisticated instruments to measure surface roughness, surface figure using Zygo interferometer, angles and parallelism by Nikon Autocollimator. Experienced Optical Engineering team can identify the most challenging features and devise unique manufacturing solutions.

HHV specializes in supplying Thin film coatings for the UV, Visible and Infra red spectral regions. Vacuum coating chambers are housed in clean rooms and can accommodate different substrate sizes and shapes. State of the art technology is used to produce optical coatings with excellent spectral performance, Laser damage threshold and environmental durability. Advanced thin film design software and theoretical evaluation techniques are used to develop optimal coatings. Coating chamber parameters are rigorously controlled to ensure process repeatability. HHV has a unique advantage of building its own vacuum coating chambers in house with the latest features incorporating automatic process control.

About HHV

Established in 1965 at Bangalore as a specialized enterprise to develop Indian self-reliance in high vacuum technology, HHV today serves a spectrum of Industries and R&D centers covering aerospace, atomic energy, defence, automotive, semi-conductors, electrical, horology, scientific instrumentation, decorative, food processing to name a few. HHV has an advanced research and manufacturing program in thin film technology, material science, metallurgy, astronomy, and special purpose machinery.

HHV works in three separate divisions based on specific technology:

1. Vacuum systems & special projects

2. Thin film equipment & contract manufacturing

3. Optics & thin film coatings

HHV’s corporate office & manufacturing center is located at a 5 acre campus in Peenya industrial area of Bengaluru and its second manufacturing center in a 6.5 acre campus at Dabaspet, about 40 km’s from Bengaluru.