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i-exceed introduces new updates to its app development platform Appzillon

Appzillon 3.3 is the latest version of i-exceed’s app development platform that caters to 55+ Banks and NBFCs
Introduces unique features that break away from traditional approach to building digital solutions

Bangalore, September 12, 2017: i-exceed, a digital transformation partner for leading financial institutions, today introduced Appzillon 3.3, the latest version of the award winning low-code omni-channel application development platform. Appzillon 3.3 brings about significant enhancements in its technical architecture that helps developers in three ways: overall reduction in effort, increased reusability of digital assets, and better control in enhancing apps.
Appzillon 3.3 enables a far superior method of developing digital solutions and breaks away from the traditional approach of monolithic applications or including micro architecture in certain layers of the application. It achieves this by using a unique architecture that allows development of reusable, flexible, and modular micro apps. In addition, it includes a repository of reusable themes, custom widgets, and native extensions. Appzillon 3.3 also comes with a customizer option for every application and enhanced automated testing capabilities.

Mr. Joseph John, Managing Director at i-exceed said, “Since inception, we have leveraged our experience in building digital solutions that epitomize the idea of efficient digital transformation. Appzillon is defined by its high productivity and superior customer experience and the latest updates to it will enable a paradigm shift in the way apps are designed and developed. This will further result in improved functional capabilities of i-exceed’s core business offering - Appzillon Digital Banking.”

Features in Appzillon 3.3:
Micro app architecture: IT teams can now develop digital solutions using a unique micro app architecture that assembles micro apps into a complex app rather than building the entire app from scratch. Micro apps, with their laser focused task based functionality, can be built easily, tested independently and plugged in to build complex apps with minimal effort.

·         Appzillon marketplace: A repository of themes, custom widgets, and native extensions, in addition to micro apps. The marketplace facilitates easy identification of relevant reusable assets at an enterprise level and facilitates faster development of digital assets.

·         Customizer option for every application: The customizer allows business users to change the look and feel of apps on the fly. It also enables business users to control the functions that ought to be enabled or disabled. This approach creates a collaborative atmosphere between business and IT teams and helps them in rolling out any changes significantly faster.

·         Enhanced automated testing capabilities: It allows developers to launch an application in the mock-server mode without the need to connect to the underlying core systems while navigating through different apps. It also facilitates inclusion of Qunit based unit-level test cases.

The enhancements brought about by Appzillon 3.3 would also reflect in improved functional capabilities of i-exceed’s core business offering – Appzillon Digital Banking, a suite of pre-built omni-channel digital solutions designed to handle the business complexities of retail banking, corporate banking, agency banking, relationship management, treasury management, customer onboarding, loan origination, social media banking, and SMS / USSD banking.

About Appzillon
i-exceed's Appzillon platform provides a cloud environment to build iOS and Android apps. Appzillon is a feature rich, agile, and flexible cross-platform suite that enables customers to go mobile by developing effective mobile assets that would address mobility requirements for both, consumer and corporate customers.

About i-exceed
i-exceed technology solutions private limited is a FinTech company with offices in India, Singapore, Dubai, and the US. With 55 customers across 5 continents, i-exceed caters to the digital transformation aspirations of enterprises with Appzillon Digital Banking and Appzillon Application Development Platform.
Leading research and business intelligence agencies like Gartner, Forrester, and IBS Intelligence recently recognized Appzillon for its omni-channel development capability, effectively addressing banking requirements, superiority in security control, data management, and app management, and for securing the largest number of new customer wins in 2016 for the sale of digital banking solutions.