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Know the Flavours of India: Workshop with Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila At Hyper Budding Chef Junior, Finale at HyperCITY Malad

Encourage your kids to embark on a creative culinary adventure with Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila at the Finale of ‘Hyper Budding Chef Junior’- at HyperCITY Malad-Mumbai.

Celebrity Chef, Author, TV Show Host, Food Consultant and Columnist - Saransh Goila will impress and encourage kids with his kitchen skills and demonstrations. Known to have dedicated himself to promote regional Indian food across the globe, Chef Saransh will reveal his secrets tips, tricks and cooking techniques helping the kids understand the kitchen world better through the workshop.

Chef Saransh will also judge the finale of Hyper Budding Chef JUNIOR at HyperCITY. The contest is aimed at creating a unique platform for junior chefs to battle their way up by displaying their creativity and culinary skills.