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Gear up this October, Chennai as GLOBAL SOUND a property of Sparkkz, is presenting to you SUNBURN ARENA with the EDM sensation DJ KSHМЯ  with fellow DJ Jai Wolf.  The festival is taking place in Chennai on Sunday, October 22nd at VGP Beach Resort located in East Coast Road. GLOBAL SOUND - A concept that is a high powered format, giving one a subliminal taste of the ultimate music festival. Global Sound concerts give the music aficionados the chance to leave their world behind and be a part of this breath taking night.

A massive stage of about 40 feet will be erected along with LED walls and “State of the Art” audio lighting equipment. The venue will be barricaded all around and the gates will be manned by security along with volunteers and bouncers present everywhere ensuring the safety and security of all the patrons. Ample amount of parking space is available at the venue. A separate elevated VIP lounge with seating facility will be created diagonally in front of the stage. Different food and beverage stalls will be brought in to cater to the audience. Mobile toilet facility at a close proximity will give the audience a great relief. A fire engine & ambulance will be stationed at the venue in case of emergency along with police protection. The gates to the venue will be open at 16:00.  

Head Line Act – DJ KSHМЯ

A DJ who has given plenty numbers of  EDM songs  to us to rock the mood up in the clubs and the parties.   DJ KASHMR’s real name is Niles Hollowell-Dhar and KASHMR is his stage name. This Indo-American DJ  KSHМЯ (designed name) has been elevated to 12th in the Top 100 DJs of 2016.

Apart from DJying he is a record producer and musician from Berkeley, California. In 2015 he was awarded as "The Highest New Entry" for his songs. He played at the Mainstage of Tomorrowland 2017, his blockbuster hits “BACK TO ME”, HARDER, and IMAGINATE has given a lot EDM lovers a fresh breeze in the world of EDM.

Hollowell-Dhar was born in Berkeley, California. His father emigrated from India. He got his stage name from Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, also referred to as "paradise on earth". He was originally part of the hip-hop production duo, The Cataracs with David Singer-Vine, releasing hits such as; "Like a G6" with Far East Movement, "Bass Down Low" with DEV, and Selena Gomez's second hit off her debut album "Stars Dance."

It was just 2014 when Hollowell-Dhar debuted solo, and in 2015 landed number 23 on DJ magazine's Top 100 DJ's of the year, also he earned himself the award for highest new entry of the year, he also performed at Coachella. Hollowell-Dhar currently uses Ableton Live 9. With the Cataracs he used Propellerhead Reason. Hollowell-Dhar's position in the DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJ's of 2016 increased by 11 to be placed at 12th and he also claimed an award for the Highest Live Act.

Hollowell-Dhar finally revealed himself at Ultra Music Festival 2015 and was introduced by Tiësto himself. His song, "Secrets", collaboration with Tiësto and Vassy was a huge EDM hit, streaming through buzz charts, and reaching the top of the Beatport Chart. Hollowell-Dhar had a number of other Beatport hits, such as "No Heroes", "Burn", "Secrets", "Dead Mans Hand", "Kashmir", "Dogs", "Karate", "It Feels (KSHMR Remix)" and "JAMMU". The logo, his artist name and some tracks like "Delhi", "JAMMU", "Kashmir", "Bazaar", "Dharma" and his "Paradesi EP" are based on Indian Culture, inspired by his Kashmiri ethnic descent.


Sajeeb Saha, known professionally as Jai Wolf, is a New York-based electronic producer, he is best known for his singles, "Indian Summer", "Like It's Over" and "Starlight".

Global Sound - a property of Sparkkz

Global Sound was launched on the 31st of December, 2013 and is a module of Sparkkz Event Management wherein the sole purpose is to promote talented and aspiring Electronic Dance Music Artists as well as to work alongside with other established musicians.

Global Sound has a goal to focus on Electronic Music and work with many famous musicians across the world with various other genres. Global sound Electronic Dance music (EDM) is the new rock and roll! It encapsulates everything which is made electronically or has electronic elements in it for most of the part.

Sparkkz believes in making every occasion a grand celebration and making dreams come true. The foundation of Sparkkz events happened in the year 2003, by Mr. Jagadish .

Jagadish is known for his mega concerts and bringing world-class DJs to the city. He works with a team of dynamic and creative people that has just one mission in mind- to put up the best, the most spectacular show.

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