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Pursuit of Happiness with Sadhguru for Entrepreneurs Growth

Entrepreneurs Organisation, Chennai, an association of Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to fostering the growth of Entrepreneurs across the city, recently organized a learning event – Pursuit of Happiness with Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) held at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai This event was chaired by Preethy Prasad – EO spousal member, with an active participation of around 85 members and spouses together.

Sadhguru said “The Hindu culture is the only one who knows that 'man made god' the rest are here to believe that 'god made man' he said. He gave practical advice towards raising children and how entrepreneurs and presidents can contribute better to mankind by elevating their consciousness.

Comprising 80 members represented from various industries presided by Navneet Agarwal (RBA Exports) this year. Chennai Chapter help their members to learn and grow, including access to executive-education events, networking opportunities and mentor-ship programs. Learning Events organised by Learning Chair - Prabhakar S Kadavasal (Swathi Group of Co.)
Jaggi Vasudev often referred to as Sadhguru – Yogi, Mystic, Visionary and founder of Isha Foundation was the speaker on the day of the event. Sathguru the new age self-realised guru, in his own words mentions that he remains drunk on life, without the need for wine to be divine. His play with words and humour laced conversations, kept the audience engaged, while infusing deep insights meant for spiritual upliftment. Questions about life poured in, the air crackled with energy when he guided a 3 minute meditation and he had only one solution to all problems, turn inward he said.

Creating a better next generation is our responsibility he said and took the audience by shock when he mentioned that 2016 saw 9000 children suicides which is a result of a fundamentally flawed society. Sadhguru finally touched upon the alarming situation of rapidly receding rivers in India and mentioned that a manuscript outlining effective measures to counter this disaster is being developed under his guidance which will be presented to the centre for action.

He has called the nation together on Sep 1 to peacefully create awareness.