Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films presents a short film with Dr. Palash Sen

Marking the directorial debut of the multi-talented musician, composer and actor, Jiya Jaye is a soul-stirring, award winning musical short

Bangalore 21thSeptember 2017: Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films presents ‘Jiya Jaye’, a heart-touching musical, the new short film marks the directorial debut of the multi-talented singer and musician, Palash Sen. Well known as the lead vocalist of India’s biggest band Euphoria, music maestro Palash Sen is now set to win hearts with his one of its kind musical short - a story of lovers, caught in the crossfire of terror.

Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films presents a short film with Dr. Palash Sen

The release of ‘Jiya Jaye’ with Palash Sen marks the dawn of a new category of musical short films in the country taking the Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films platform a notch higher for achieving a new milestone in the Indian film industry.

Commenting on the release, Raja Banerji, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Pernod Ricard India, said “It is an extremely proud moment for us to associate with Palash Sen and launch a musical short film on our platform. With the release of Jiya Jaye, we are introducing a new category of narrative in the short film industry and we are absolutely thrilled about this project. It is an industry first that shows the growing popularity of shorts which Royal Stag Barrel Select Large short film is driving. It is wonderful to see how short films are attracting a great audience online as well as great talent from the mainstream film industry and popular artists in the country. In line with the brand’s philosophy of make it perfect, we have and will continue to encourage and motivate talented film makers to freely showcase their original creativity through our platform.”

Starring Kinshuk Sen and Sahiba Bali in the lead roles, and with a strong supporting cast of Kashish Arora, Shahran Qayyoom, Rajat Bhattacharya, Rahul Khajuria, Mayas and Prisha, Jiya Jaye revolves around the theme of love. The short film chronicles lost innocence and brings to fore a narrative of friends who become enemies in times of terror and misplaced nationalism. A strong, emotional, musical drama, this short film is sure to lead the audience to delve deep into the plight of its characters. The song used in the film is the first single from Euphoria’s upcoming album.

Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films has ushered in a revolution in the field of filmmaking. Through a slew of powerful short films, the platform has successfully redefined movie-watching for cinephiles over the past few years. Not only has it gained immense popularity, Large Short Films has become one of the most credible and celebrated stages for short films in India.

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Talking about the film, Dr. Palash Sen said, “I am really excited to present Jiya Jaye to our fans who have named themselves ‘DHOOMERS’. The movie has a very emotional plot written by my sister Dahlia that was best expressed through music. I have always wanted to make a musical film using Euphoria songs. This is an entirely new avenue for me and my band and I am glad that Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films gave me the perfect opportunity and platform. This platform was always my first choice and I am Euphoric about this partnership.  It is an incredible platform for filmmakers, artists and actors who want to explore their creativity and take their work to newer mediums."

About Royal Stag Large Short Films:
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Kinshuk Sen                                                                                                                                      
Sahiba Bali
Kashish Arora
Shahran Qayyoom
Rajat Bhattacharya

Additional Background music
DJ Bhaduri
Prashant Trivedi
Vinayak Gupta

Gairik Sarkar

Sound Design
Hardik Singh Reen
Reuel Baretto

Hardik Singh Reen

Still Photography
Tushar Mahajan

Dr. Palash Sen / Deekshant Sahrawat

Publicity Design
Couch Potato Media

Film Mix and Master
Eric Pillai

Manoj Singh (Image Devices)

Story and Dialogues
Dahlia Sen Oberoi

Background Score
Aman Nath

Assistant Directors
Amitava Ganguly
Prashant Trivedi

Finance Controller
Purna Rout

Production Controller
Rakesh Bhardwaj

Kamlesh Jha

Vaishali Barua

Screenplay and Direction