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The need for Literary Awards

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Literature has always had a significant role in the society. It opens our eyes and enables us to understand and see more than what the basic eyes and mind understands. We realize that the world is really wide and there are a lot many aspects of this life. Literature develops a pattern that persuades us to ask questions about our perspectives, intuitions and various instincts.  We tend to develop our understanding and realize the hidden meanings of life. When we are devoted to literature, we don’t merely read or write. We figure out deeper meanings between the lines by implying critical thinking and the deeper sense of understanding. Be it poems, essays, novels, or short stories, they all make us understand human nature and aspects that affect us all. Literature beholds the version of fear, growth, compassion, and sense of loneliness, realisation and other human feelings that eventually act as an enlightening source. People dedicated to the literature possess the gift of the gab due to which the audiences keenly listen and enjoy their symphony.

Since ages, there have been people who turned up and utilized the dominance of literature to highlight social deformities and other imperfections of the society to bring in a positive change. The literature thus was used as a powerful medium by intellectuals to enlighten people about various neglected human emotions and set of circumstances that affect us all.

The literary work of many has undeniably been laudable in the eyes of all but talking about the recognition and fame, only a limited set of artists could get the much-deserved fame.  Surprisingly, there exists a list of writers and authors who gained recognition much after they had died.  We know that such facts are not at all pleasing and it’s really unfortunate when the hard work and efforts of artists remain unrecognized. With a desire to give full-appreciation and recognition to the living legends, the concept of literary awards came into the picture. There exists a number of such awards that give appreciation and recognition to the writers, authors, and poets for their awe-inspiring work.  It’s definitely not an easy task to go beyond the boundaries of normal human perspective and create an artwork whose acceptance remains dubious. Awards and appreciation for such artists give them a new hope and motivation to keep up with their inspiring work. These awards also maintain the liveliness and dominance of literature in the society.

Understanding the relevance and need of the literary awards, we too instituted awards in 2011 as “Kusumanjali Sahitya Samman”. The Kusumanjali Sahitya Samman carry a cash prize of ₹2.50 lakhs each, citation, a shawl and the award statuette.  It is an initiative by the well known Hindi writer, Dr. Kusum Ansal, to promote and support the artistic, literary, and cultural activities in the country. The Kusumanjali Foundation established the Kusumanjali Sahitya Samman in 2011 to present every year two National Awards on the best literary works. The works to be considered for the award include fiction, poetry, drama and short stories. One award is given on a literary work written in Hindi and the second award is given on a literary work written in one of the remaining recognized Indian languages mentioned in the Schedule VIII of the Indian Constitution.  

Reading and discussion of various novels through literary events too hold high importance as it makes both readers and writers aware of the number of existing gems in the literary world. As an audience, we should make sure to express our gratitude towards such artists that play a major role in giving  us the new aspects of and treasures of literature.

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