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U Mumba's Srikanth Jadhav talks about injuries & the confidence they instilled in him

"I know how hard I have worked to recover and that makes me fearless"-  Shrikant Jadhav

U Mumba's newest star raider in the making -Shrikant Jadhav did not have an easy entry entry into the Pro Kabaddi League . Despite being selected by Jaipur Pink Panthers in season 1 and 2, on merit of his performances across various national-level school and college tournaments , he was unable to be a part of the team due to serious injuries faced before the commencement of each season. In his debut season, the third edition of Pro Kabaddi- he was selected by  Bengal Warrior and the 22 year old continued to play with the Warriors in season 4 as well. Chosen to represent U Mumba in Season 5, Shrikant has had quite a few starts for the Mumbai side. Having recently scored a Super-10 agains Dabang Delhi in Delhi, Shrikant talks to us about recovering from injury,the guidance from the Captain and Coach, playing for his home state and about playing alongside the greats of the game. Transcript below.

On recovering from injuries:

During my injuries, even Though I was in pain, I knew I could overcome it if I worked hard enough. So I worked very closely with my coaches, doctors and physiotherapists to make sure I don't only recover but get stronger and better. While rehabilitating I worked on strength and power especially focusing on the injured muscle. Be it gymming or training, or physio exercises, I gave it my all. So now I am much more powerful than I was before and feel more confident.

On the guidance received from the Coach and the Captain:

Firstly I would like to thank the Coach for his constant guidance. He spotted me during the Kabaddi Nationals at Kerala in 2014 and from there till now, he has remembered my strengths and weakness, and he constantly helps me get better. Both him and our captain Anup Kumar make sure that they allow me to play my own game. They point out my weaknesses to me and show me how to go about strengthening them. Anup always emphasizes on how we should play freely and never imagine the opponents to be greater than ourselves. This belief and confidence, for me personally, helps me become a better player, everyday.

On injury concerns during matches:

I know how hard I have worked to recover and that makes me fearless. The injuries were bad, but they helped me become a better player - that's all that matters. So when I do go on to the mat, injury is the last concern on my mind. If I avoid it, great but if I do get injured I know I have overpowered it before and I can overpower it again.

On playing for his home-state:

I have never had the opportunity to represent Maharashtra beyond school-level games. So when U Mumba picked me up, it was a dream come true. I have been following the team closely for the last four years and was always in hope of playing for them one day. The team is great and the fans are even better. Playing for U Mumba is like a homecoming for me.

On playing alongside experienced campaigners like Anup Kumar, Nitin Madane and Kashiling Adake:

I am only 20 percent of what Nitin Madane, Kashiling Adake and Anup Kumar are. I have always idolized them and to be able to train with and learn their techniques has indeed helped me up my game. They are all star raiders and being with them keeps me motivated to become a star raider myself. The kind of opportunities I have been given and the faith that the team has shown in me has been an incredible blessing.