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Words of gratitude for the teachers in life

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A leader becomes successful in life through the guidance and support from hardworking teachers they meet in life. A teacher can be anyone who imparts us with immense knowledge, teaches us to learn from our mistakes, helps us face the failures in life with a positive attitude, maintain patience and not loose temper every time and try to make us a better person by always instilling the confidence and zeal to work hard and make it big in life.  This teacher’s day successful leaders from different sectors, share their thoughts on their favourite teacher and what teachings they learnt that made it possible for them to pass the exam of life with flying colours.

Mr Amit Kumar, Founder & CEO, NoBroker -"We started our business operation from a small office in Bengaluru. It wasn't an easy start, one day a group of 40 to 50 brokers came to the office and started vandalizing the property and threatened us for worse to come. Standing amidst an angry mob ready to harm us was not something I had ever thought would happen to us. Since then we have moved to a more secure complex but the threats haven’t stopped. We still get threatening calls all the time. But the only thing keeps me going are my father's words, 'never give up, and have faith in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all the odds.' My father, the first teacher I knew, gave me one of the most important and practical lesson.”

Mr Ravi Virmani, Founder & CEO, Credihealth - In my student days, Father Edward MacGrath who taught us Business Strategy at XLRI, school of management has been an important personality on the campus and was inspiring figure to me.

He was always everyone's favourite teacher because of his style of communicating, engaging and connecting with students which left a huge impact on my professional and personal life. One of his learnings that has been a holy grail during my career is "Communicate, Educate, Engage and Conclude."

Mr. Akhil Gupta, Founder & CTO, NoBroker - “One of my professor at IITB, Prof Sharad Bhartiya, had a paid project with Honeywell. I opted to assist him on the project. I used to work late nights at the computer lab to run simulations and compete the work on the project. He saw this and gave me his own laptop so that I could work at ease. He only took the laptop back from me on my last day at IITB. All through the project he never interfered in what I was doing and placed complete trust in me. This made me responsible and to never be complacent with my work. A year after I had passed out of IITB, I got an email from Prof Bhartiya asking for my account number. I had completely forgotten that the project was paid but he hadn't. He rewarded me for my hard work. One teacher’s faith in me, gave me the strength to give up a comfortable corporate job and start NoBroker. This is a learning that I follow till date. I give complete freedom to my team and place complete trust in them.”

Mr Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta - "The best teacher in my life have been my parents, who taught me to be patient, compassionate and to respect people around. Besides them, Mr. David Lomgwerth who was the Dean at 'Oberoi school of learning and Development' (OCLD) has taught how to implement the learnings from my parents in professional life. He has laid the principals of management for me which I still use as the main guiding force behind every decision"

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