5 Tricks To Wear False Eyelashes Like A Pro

5 Tricks To Wear False Eyelashes Like A Pro

Trying to look your best to your girlfriends and especially to guys is something that most of the girls always try to do their best at. Make-up, lipstick, mascara, that slick new hairdo, whatever be it, the competition never ends. Now, to top this up, there are even further issues with the makeup that girls have to overcome so that all that layering doesn’t show up and your fun timeout is not spoiled.

Especially when it comes to eyelashes, it happens a lot that girls have to manage all that trouble such as eyelashes falling off, colors not matching or the eyelashes adjusting badly. This happens especially when the said fake eyelashes are of bad quality (or are cheaper) and the said girl doesn’t know how to fix it.

But, despair not sisters. So even if you are using fake eyelashes, you can still make them work as if they were real. But before we go on, it is important to point it out that your fake eyelashes should be of good quality and not the cheaper ones. Cheap low price eyelashes can be annoying and will fail you time to time.

Go Easy But Don’t Go Cheap.

Not suggesting here that you should go for the expensive ones, but buying some decently priced stuff is going to be beneficial in the long run. Unlike the cheaper ones, you don’t have to replace these after every few months with another set of cheaper ones.

So Here It Is.

So here are a five ways you can wear those false eyelashes like a pro, seamless and flawless.

1) The Right One Fits In: 

False eyelashes come in various shapes. If you too are looking forward to buying newer ones, you should make sure that you are buying those that fit your exact eye shape. They should not look like complete misfits on your eye. You should first try them out in the shop before buying them. If you want to make them look natural, it makes sense to buy those that are the right fit. All you have to do is to fit them on your lash line and see if the whole thing makes sense. Trust us on this, if you were to wear those that do not look natural on your eye shape, they will look not just out of shape, but also quite hideous. Now you would not want that kind of attention from your girlfriends and the boys at the party.

2) Keep Them Round: 

Whenever you are getting ready for any occasion and you are to wear those eyelashes, you need to wrap them around on something such as a make-up brush for a few minutes prior. This gives them a rounder shape and which in turn makes them as per your natural eye shape. Straight eyelashes are more likely to fall off and hence it should make sense that your false eyelashes should be rounder for a great fit. However, don’t keep them hanged on to that brush for too long. If they assume an even more rounder shape, they won’t fit your eye-line as they should. Also, try to hang them onto broad brushes instead of the slimmer ones. This way, they remain round and also they are closer to their original curvy shape.

3) Cut Them Half For a Genuine Look: 

This may sound a little bit off, but cutting them in half makes them look genuine. This is because most of the false eyelashes are manufactured long so that they make you look attractive, however, this does not translate entirely into good natural looks all the time. Looking natural is the biggest part of looking good. So first, try out your false eyelashes and see how they fit on your eye-line. If they fit well, trim their length and wear them again to see if you did it right. But make sure that you are trimming both the pairs in equal measures and in the right way. Always be careful that they are not disproportional and different from each other. Especially, at their ends, do not trim a lot since the hair are already short over there.

4) Wear Same Pairs: 

This sounds very obvious and easy. However, not all girls take care of it and do it the right way. If you want your false eyelashes to work right for you, make sure that you are wearing a pair and not those from separate pairs. Wearing eyelashes from different pairs make you look hideous and strange, to put that in a straight forward way. Usually, false eyelashes come in pairs and therefore should not be a problem. However, always take care that you are not losing the other because if you do, then the one remaining is left useless.

5) Stack Them Up: 

When you are not using your eyelashes, it is always better to stack them up in some place that retains their natural shape. Usually, when you buy them from the shop, you will find them already stacked in their boxes in their perfect little places. After you have done using them for that occasion, remove them carefully and place them into these designated places where they can retain their shapes and stay perfect to serve you for the next big occasion. Always remember, keep them right and they will never fail you.

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Last But Not The Least.

There must be a few other tricks and tips around false eyelashes, but for the time being, these are the ones that you need to remember. So whether you are a social butterfly or an occasional fun loving gal, it is important that you get your make-up all correct, especially when it comes to your false eyelashes.

One more important thing that needs to be mentioned is that your false eyelashes should also match in color with your natural hair color. There are ones that are light brown and would not at all suit on black hair.

Now that being said take care and rock the occasion whatever it may be.