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Phoenix Marketcity celebrates Karnataka Rajyotsava

Phoenix Marketcity celebrates Karnataka Rajyotsava
Event: Phoenix Marketcity celebrates Karnataka Rajyotsava
Date: 1st November 2017
Venue: Courtyard, Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore
Time: 6pm onwards
Entry: Free

About Puppet Show
Rangaputhali Puppeteers
Puppet theatre in Karnataka is one of the most popular forms of folk theatre in the state. It is human tendency both to imitate and to be pleased to get imitated; not satisfied with the standard of the animal's imitation of man, the artist with a keen sense of drama, created the puppet which held the stage from ancient times. The origin of the puppet is traced to the coastal tract of Karnataka, and even now, a number of puppets are placed in the temple car and in the age old Bhutashanada Bandi which are drawn in procession on festive occasions. The puppet is called Sutrada Bombe and Gombeyata in Karnataka and bears literary references from early times.
The puppetteer is literally a Sutradhara, for he controls the movements and actions of the puppet with threads tied to their movable limbs. He also supplies words and songs to his decorated dolls made of wood and significantly dressed in colourful costumes to represent mythological characters. Hands, feet, head, fingers and even the lips of the doll are moved by means of pulling strings or black threads (sutra) to synchronise with the spoken word. Often, the puppets are made to perform some folk dances with flawless rhythm.
The puppet shows occupied the stage for years as one of the most popular modes of the folk theatre of Karnataka. No festival or jatra would be complete without it. The art of the puppet was the monopoly of learned Brahmins in North Karnataka and usually, their families took their names after the puppet as the Gombe family.

Band Performance
The Samara
The SAMARA, is a South Indian Contemporary Rock Folk Band which was started by three Supersonic Artists ‘prasanna’, ‘Manoj’ and ‘Rahul’. We explores different flavours of music presenting them on Stage. Our band’s fascination with the musical time is Rhythmic on the Strings & Groovy by Percussions and Nurtured by Vocals. The fun and energy which our musicians confluences together and packs up the corporate thinking of the people and just makes them to be a part of their music and dance along the Groove. As a band, we are mesmerized and influenced by the rich diversity of culture that exists in our country, India — especially the evolving definition of what it means to be ‘Indian’. Having grown up in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore– a city that is a melting sweetness of cultures, ideas, languages and beliefs — our music reflects the varied influences of each band member, culminating in unique, fresh and honest sound. We make music that reflects the face of the modern Indian youth, by combining Indian Folk melodies, Indian Hindi Movie Music (Bollywood), Kannada and inflections with Rock music, resulting in an interesting mix that is high on energy, while being catchy and soulful at the same time.
Band members:-
•         Prasanna Keshava – Vocals
•         Manoj Tamang– Electric/ Acoustic Guitar
•         Rahul Shivakumar – Cajon/ Djembe/Darbuka/ Drums
•         Akash - Keyboard
•         Mukunda – Violin