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Primeasure completes 12 years of operations and aiming to scale new heights.

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(Started in the year 2005 to provide solutions to customers in the Broadcast Industry, Measurement Solutions to R & D and Telecom Industry)

Bengaluru, October 17, 2017: Headquartered in Bangalore the Primeasure group of companies provides solutions to a wide range of industries including Broadcast, R & D, Embedded design and Telecom. They represent the world’s leading manufacturers in these domains like Grass Valley, Lecroy, Tektronix, Metus, Torque Video and nG4T.

The Team led by the very dynamic V.Srinivasan, Managing Director who has more than two decades of experience in managing sales functions. He has headed the Sales operations of Tektronix India operations and was responsible for kick-starting the Grass Valley Group operations in India when it was part of Tektronix said that “We have over the years provided adequate market Coverage for all customers which has enabled us to consistently grown business and Implement several Projects successfully”

The Core Team has extensive experience in Broadcast and Measurement in the fields of Business Development, implementation and Product support. The Senior Management Team at Primeasure is very experienced with strong cross functional capabilities and has worked in various industries and capacities for more than two decades.
The Group is focused on bringing state of the world technology to its customers from its international partners and supporting its customers to stay abreast with the latest in Technology in their respective fields.

About Primeasure: The Company was formed in the year 2005, providing solutions to customers in theBroadcast Industry and Measurement Solutions to R & D, manufacture and other sectors of the Industry. Wehave over the years provided adequate market Coverage for all customers consistently grown businessImplemented several Projects successfully, acted as first point of contact for Service complaints, provided AMCServices. We have strong relationships in all our markets which we have built over the years. This has enabledus to create business for all our Principals. We have used our expertise to architect solutions and positionproducts.

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