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Rainbow Hospitals launch Children’s Helpline for Diwali

Bangalore, 17th October 2017: Country’s first pediatric super specialty hospital, Rainbow Children’s hospital launched a 24 hour Diwali helpline to ensure immediate consultancy during this festive season. In the wake of an increasing number of firecracker-led burns and injuries reported in the city, especially amongst children, the Emergency Services Unit of the hospital announced two helpline numbers which will give round the clock assistance for parents seeking help for their children. The numbers are the following, Marathahalli center- 8884-436024 and Bannerghatta Road center- 733-8466521. Rainbow Hospital also announced few first-aid tips, which could be followed by parents before bringing injured children to the nearest hospital.

“80 per cent of the fire injuries reported in children are usually worsened by the time they are brought to the hospital, either due to mishandling of the wounds or purely due to the delay in initiating the right medical intervention.  We also have noticed a surge in respiratory ailments during this festive season. A helpline number will be our humble effort to help children recover from burn injuries by equipping the parents with immediate first aid measures to be taken basis the first symptoms, before bringing them to the nearest hospital,” said Dr Rakshay Shetty ( Head, Pediatric Intensive Care Services, Bangalore).

With the festival of lights round the corner, the city is usually strewn with firecrackers of all sorts. However, most of them do not even meet the safety and quality standards and are therefore dangerous for children to handle on their own, without adult supervision. The improper usage of many of these firecrackers, which are usually bought in bulk in every house, sometimes resulting moderate to fatal injuries among children. Toxic fumes released from fire crackers can result in worsening of various chronic respiratory disorders like asthma.

Mr. Neeraj Lal, Cluster Head and Vice President of Rainbow, Bangalore said, “Children are the most vulnerable section of the population, especially when it comes to suffering from air pollution caused due to suspended particles and toxins. It is therefore extremely important for parents to keep themselves informed of the preventive measures to be taken to avert any unforeseen incidents and seek timely medical intervention to ensure their children are safe.”

First Aid Tips For Firework- Related Injuries To Children

Hold the burn under running tap water for 15-20 minutes. It brings down the burning sensation and prevents further injury to skin by conducting heat away from the skin.
In case the child gets an eye injury with crackers, the first step should be to wash your eyes and face properly. Wash your hands before splashing water on the face. Do not rub or scratch your eyes.
Minor burns usually heal in a week. Persistent pain, redness, fever, swelling or oozing indicates infection and needs medical treatment.

If any body part of the child is burnt, a medicated ointment should be preferred than the toothpaste or a slice of tomato.

It’s advisable to cover the burned area with aluminum foil or plastic wrap
If the fingers are amputated, wrap them in a cloth before placing it in clean a plastic bag with ice to ensure it’s clean.