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Which Vision Correction Option is Best for You?

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Which Vision Correction Option is Best for You?

Be it you are searching for some good eyeglasses or contact lenses or even considering a change, there are a ton of alternatives to consider before purchasing one for you. Before the 1950s, contact lenses were not popularized and advanced, eyeglasses were the only practical approach to correct refractive vision errors for at least last seven centuries.

Currently, there are several modern approaches to correct vision problems, eye surgery range from laser reshaping of the cornea, for example, LASIK and PRK to the surgical addition of contact lenses to adjust the visual perception.

In procedures like LASIK and PRK, the curvature of the eye clear front surface which is also known as the cornea is reshaped by laser vitality. The manmade lenses which are surgically embedded into one's eye additionally can refocus light beams which sharpen the vision.

Around half of the population of the world is having an eyesight problem. However, there are many options available these days to correct vision problems. If you live in India, around Delhi then there are several eye specialists in Delhi who are amongst the best eye specialists and will be able to correct the vision problem that you are suffering from.

In our body, our eye is the most imperative sensory organ. Still, there is no medicine available which is able to prevent the natural deterioration of vision. But alternative options like spectacles, contact lenses and eye surgery make it possible for people around the globe suffering from vision problem to have a clear and sharp eyesight

How to choose the best vision corrective method

• Classic spectacles

Spectacles are the most common alternative when people look vision corrective methods. It is easiest and one the powerful method amongst all. Presently, spectacles can be customized according to your need and thus can suit any occasion. These days there is a huge variety of stylish spectacles available in the market.
Advantages of wearing spectaclesSpectacles are very comfortable and easy to wear. Currently, you will get many fashionable and stylish frames which are not boring and will add a charm to your look. These days high-refraction plastic lenses are used which reduces the weight of the spectacle considerably and makes them even more comfortable to wear. A person wearing modern progressive lenses is able to see objects precisely in all distances. Using anti-refractive lenses is very useful as they prevent the annoying reflection of sun rays. Spectacles not only correct vision problems, they also prevent dirt, insects, and dust to enter the eye. There are ideal spectacles which suitable for each occasion such as workspace, meetings, schools etc.

Disadvantages of wearing spectaclesSpectacle lenses which are having strong dioptre values are sometimes thick and heavy thus are uncomfortable to wear. Spectacles can very easily fog up when one moves from cold outside into warmth inside. Spectacles can create a huge problem while watching television or reading lying on your side. Some spectacle frames make some areas appear blurry.

• Contact lenses are the next best alternative available

Contact lenses are basically plastic lenses and they are the first alternative for people who are not willing to wear spectacles. Specifically, modern customized contact lenses allow correction to almost all vision problems. Contact lenses are available both for short as well as far-sightedness. The modern technology is so advanced that contact lenses can now be used by people suffering from presbyopia; the lenses having the capacity of progressive lenses are called multifocal contact lenses.
Advantages of using contact lensesUsing contact lenses will result only in a very little magnification and reduction of the image. In spectacles, the sideway vision is not sharp and often the edges of the spectacles create problems whereas using contact lenses this problem will not take place. Contact lenses do not fog up thereby using them is a major plus point for professionals like a chef, sailors, and athletics. Additionally, contact lenses are having the capability of solving different vision impairments in the different eye with ease.
Disadvantages of using contact lensesContact lenses are often hard to use and require manual work.  Wearing contact lenses continuously for a long period time results in disruption of oxygen supply in the eye, one must be very careful while purchasing contact lenses and should also ask about the oxygen permeability of the lenses to the shopkeeper. Also, hard lenses must be used by people who suffer from dry eyes. Tolerability of wearing contact lenses vary from person to person, some get used to them very easily whereas some require more time to adjust. Incorrect maintenance of contact lenses may lead to contamination thus they require more careful maintenance compared to normal spectacles. People using multifocal lenses have issues switching from near and far range object thus they take more time to adjust to it.

• Implantable multifocal lenses - best surgical option for presbyopia

Implantable multifocal lenses are a relatively new method for correcting presbyopia and other vision disabilities. The traditional models were rigid and not flexible but the modern models are very flexible and can be embedded in the eye with only a minor cut. For every eye, this method takes only 10 minutes and can be performed very easily within few days. Because of the local anesthetic, this process is additionally painless and effortless.
Advantages of multifocal lensesThe modern multifocal lenses are specifically endured and the person wearing them doesn’t have to go through any kind of pain. They also do not cause any kind of discomfort due to the presence of foreign body in your eye. They are basically embedded in the eyes of the people suffering from age-related cataracts. Around 20 million people all around the world undergo cataract surgery every year. This surgery is very much common and many eye specialists in Delhi provide the best service. Clinical investigations demonstrate that 90 percent of the patients require visual guide even after surgery. This particular operation lasts for a lifetime and there is no need to have a follow-up procedure since the refraction value remains same. Patients who undergo this surgery are even able to perform every daily activity and play any kind of sports.
Disadvantages of multifocal lensesPatients who suffer from some specific pathological changes in the eye are not eligible for this surgery. If a patient is having this kind of disorder, everything will be discussed with the ophthalmologist at the time of consultation.

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