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Dilsefoodie organizes food walk with visually impaired people

New Delhi,  : Dilsefoodie, a foodie group with over lakh followers, has recently conducted a food walk for the visually impaired people at Chawri Bazaar, Delhi this week. The walk was arranged at some of the most famous places in Chawri Bazaar such as Shyam Sweets, Lotan ke Chole Kulche, Kamal Kachori Waale and Kuremal Kulfi Corner and made the individuals with special needs try these gems of Old Delhi!

The pictures speak for themselves as the enthusiasm can be seen on the faces of everyone and specially the guests for the morning, the visually impaired ones!
At the end of the walk a sweet gesture by Cocopots by Ritika (Ritika Gupta, a Delhi based home baker) everyone was given dry cakes as a gift!

Elated with the success of this food walk, Karan Dua, young founder, dilsefoodie said, “it was not just a food walk but a step we tried to take for the society. We thought that its best to make someone happy and content and we found the true smiles when people who can’t see but can taste appreciated our effort and enjoyed thoroughly.”