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Kanpur Turned Blue as part of Diabetes awareness campaign by Regency Healthcare

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·         Historic Kanpur Sangrahalaya and JK Temple among the key landmarks that were illuminated with blue

·         The awareness campaign “Zindagi Meethi Hai” was initiated on the occasion of World Diabetes Day

·         The event was graced by Dr. ShriAvinash Singh, Nagarayukt, Kanpur along with several dignitaries, doctors.

Kanpur, 14th November 2017:  Many of the popular places of Kanpur including the historic Kanpur Sangrahalaya in Phool Bagh and iconic JK Temple were illuminated with blue light, arousing curiosity among people who gathered on these places in large numbers to watch the spectacle.The unique initiative of turning these places blue was part of the city’s leading hospital chain Regency Healthcare to spread awareness about prevention and management of rapidly growing diabetes on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, which is observed on November 14th every year. All five Regency hospitals lit-up in blue color to mark this occasion.

As part of the campaign “Zindagi Meethi Hai”, over a thousand people including several doctors and healthcare professionals also formed a human chain at Phool Bagh which was led Dr. Atul Kapoor, Managing Director, Regency Healthcare, Kanpur in the presence of Kanpur Nagar Ayukt Shri Avinash Singh.
The color blue is the color of the United Nations flag and is symbolic of the sky unifying all nations. It has been accepted by international diabetes communities to signify unity of the global efforts in response to the diabetes pandemic.
Dr. Atul Kapoor, Managing Director of Regency Healthcare, Kanpur, said, “Regency healthcare has been on the forefront of aiding and contributing to the welfare society by raising awareness on various healthcare issues. With the support of the citizens of Kanpur we successfully organized this awareness campaign tocombat diabetes. With 450 million diabetic people in the country, it is essential to bridge the gap between “possibility” and “accessibility” for a country like India where incidence of the disease is rising every minute. Under this campaign, we are planning to launch an app-Diabeta Care and a Diabetes Helpline number for the benefit of people to ensure that help is at hand when people need it. The spirit of the campaign ‘Zindagi Meethi Hai’ is to fight the disease by making people believe that life can be sweet and celebratory even with diabetes.”

In a related event, the Grow India Society organized a movie making and drawing competition for children on Type 1 diabetes on 12th November. The winners of the contest were awarded at Phool Bagh at the event.

 Nagar Ayukt Shri Avinash Singh said, “With initiatives like these, we can expect much better integration and spread of public healthcare. When voices like Regency Healthcare speak, people listen. The launched app and diabetes helpline will provide further supportto the citizens of Kanpur. The initiative is indeed appreciated and we are always there to support efforts for such noble causes.”

 Diabetes poses a multi-pronged attack on the metabolism of the patients. It gradually degrades bodily mechanisms bit by bit with effects like heart attacks and damage to eye sights that are fairly common. The positive attitude that life does not end with the disease and a strong committed approach to health can ensure that a diabetic person can live a long, healthy life.

  “We are very happy to be a participant of this campaign. By turning the city blue, the event has aroused much interest in the common people. We have learnt a lot about diabetes and how to manage the disease through this campaign. My daughter knows so much more about the disease now than what I knew when I was at her age. It is true that children will feel motivated to live a healthy life and also influence their parents for the same” Prakash, a 35-year-old participant shared his experience of the event.

People with diabetes can lead a healthy life. Dietary control and being engaged in activities and exercises and monitoring blood pressure are some of the measures to fight diabetes. It is important to show people the positive side: contracting diabetes may not be completelyin one’s hands, but a lot can be done for managingit. It upon us to take control of our lives, and remind ourselves, life’s full of sweetness that does not cause diabetes.

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