5 PDF Tricks Every Office Worker Should Know

Using a PDF on a daily basis seems like norm especially if you hold a desk job. It is widely used for documentation and other paperwork. So if you are responsible for managing documents PDF or not, we are giving you a few tips that will help you do your work more efficiently.
5 PDF Tricks Every Office Worker Should Know

Print and Copy Restricted Documents

When you open a PDF document on the internet, you may want to copy or print some part of it. The issue, you are not allowed to do so thanks to some restriction.
We don’t mean to advise you doing something unlawful, but if all other ways fail to obtain the information, you can crack the password to get what you need. Many PDF readers and plugins come with a password cracking feature.
If you are uncomfortable with this software, you can always use a web service.

Convert PDF to Other Formats

Sometimes, you may have to convert a PDF file in another form. There are many other formats, but common ones are Document, PowerPoint, and HTML.  Following, we will explain according to each format:
PowerPoint:  This is a bit difficult. You have to follow a three-step plan to do this.  First, you need to install a plugin (PDF HTML) on your browser; then you need to upload the PDF file, and choose between given option before hitting the convert button.
HTML: Converting a PDF File to HTML Format is no difficult task.  You need to use a plugin like PDF HTML, install it on your browser, and convert files within minutes.
MS Word: Converting PDF file to other format is not difficult. But you have to invest some time searching the right tool to convert into a specific file format.  You can use online tools to convert PDF documents to MS Word.

Extracting Content from a Scanned PDF Document

You need a selection tool to extra content from a PDF document. However, you can use more refined ways to get data from scanned PDF Files.
You can use Google Docs, just upload the PDF file onto your account, and this will convert the PDF file into a lighter format which you can select and copy content from. You can use other online tools if you are not comfortable with Google Docs.


You can extract more than just a paragraph. If you want, you can get a whole page from a large PDF file. Install an online tool (PDFaid), and you can get important pages out of massive documents. Once you have installed the tool, you need to get the PDF file, read it and highlight the pages you want to extra so there is no confusion.

Compress a PDF File

If you have a large Soda PDF file, and you can’t send it via email due to size restrictions. You can compress the file, and try to upload the file once again.
Don’t worry; you will retain the quality of content. There is different software like (7-zip) designed to compress a file to decrease its size.