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Do you want to know about Whoopi Goldberg? we have done a research about Whoopi Goldberg net worth in 2022, Boyfriend, hеight, wеight, age, biography, аnd соmрlеtе dеtаil аbоut her lifе

Whoopi Goldberg how old, daughter, net worth, age, height, weight, wiki, family, birthday, father, mother, dead, bio, wife, girlfriend, biography, son, sister, siblings, parents, nationality, ethnicity, brother

Whoopi Goldberg is a person that a lot of people are interested in learning about. Whoopi Goldberg date of birth is November 13, 1955 and place of birth is New York City, U.S.

Whoopi Goldberg's admirers are currently looking for information on Whoopi Goldberg how old, daughter, net worth, age, height, weight, wiki, family, birthday, father, mother, dead and more. Whoopi Goldberg has become a huge star and majority of the people know her.

    Whoopi Goldberg age, wiki, biography

    Caryn Elaine Johnson is Whoopi Goldberg birth name. Whoopi Goldberg birthday is on November 13, 1955 and born place is New York City, U.S. By profession she is an American actor, comedian, author, and television personality.

    Talking about her family she is very close to her family. Whoopi Goldberg parents are Emma Johnson and Robert James Johnson Jr. Emma Johnson is her mother name and Robert James Johnson Jr is her father name. Her mother Emma Johnson née Harris born in 1931 and died in 2010. On August 29, 2010 her mother Emma Johnson passed away after suffering a stroke. By profession Whoopi Goldberg mother was a nurse and a teacher. Whoopi Goldberg father Robert James Johnson Jr was born in 1930 and died in 1993. Whoopi Goldberg father is a Baptist clergyman. She grew up in the Chelsea-Elliot Houses, a public housing project in New York City. On October 22, 2010, she performed in the musical Sister Act in London, which she had left at the time and on October 22, 2010, she came back to the stage. Clyde Goldberg, Goldberg's brother, died in 2015 as a result of a brain aneurysm.

    Whoopi Goldberg characterized her mother as a strong, and wise woman. Whoopi Goldberg mother raised her and her sibling. She has 1 sibling. In sibling she has 1 brother. Her brother name is Clyde. Her brother Clyde Johnson was born in 1949 and died in 2015.

    She has done her studies from a local Catholic school, St Columba's. Whoopi Goldberg ancestors moved north from Faceville, Georgia; Palatka, Florida; and Virginia. She left from Washington Irving High School.

    ""When you're performing on stage, you never really have time to go into the bathroom and close the door,"" she says of her stage moniker in ""Whoopi"", which she got from a whoopee cushion. So, if you start to feel gassy, you must let it out. 'You're like a whoopee cushion,' individuals had to say to me, and that's how the term came about.""

    According to Whoopi Goldberg in 2011, ""My mother didn't name me Whoopi, but Goldberg is my name—part it's of my family, part of my heritage, just as being black is,"" and ""I just know I am Jewish,"" she said. Despite the fact that I do not attend temple, I am aware of the holidays."" 'Come on, are you Jewish?' they would say to her. Henry Louis Gates Jr. conducted research and discovered that all of Goldberg's traceable forbears were blacks, that she had no known German or Jewish forebears, and that none of her forebears bore the surname Goldberg. In 2006, the PBS documentary African American Lives revealed that she had ancestors who belonged to the Papel and Bayote people of modern-day Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. Her great-great-grandparents, William and Elsie Washington, who bought land in northern Florida in 1873, was one of a very limited number of blacks who became proprietors via homesteading in the years after the Civil War, according to the episode. Her grandparents were residing in Harlem, and her grandfather worked as a Pullman porter. As told by Nichelle Nichols in her film Trekkies in 1997, a young Goldberg was viewing Star Trek when she saw Nichols's character Uhura, and she exclaimed, "Momma!". I saw a black lady on television, and she wasn't a maid!"" says the host. Star Trek became a lifelong passion for Goldberg, and she ultimately requested and received an ongoing brief cameo on Star Trek: The Next Generation as Guinan.

    As a waitress in San Diego in the 1970s, Whoopi Goldberg later shifted to Berkeley, where she started working a variety of odd jobs such as that of bank teller, mortuary cosmetologist, bricklayer. She became a member of the avant-garde theatre troupe the Blake Street Hawkeyes, where she taught comedy and acting classes; one of her acting students, Courtney Love, was one of them. In addition, Whoopi Goldberg appeared in numerous of theatre productions. She observed a mid-air collision between two planes in San Diego in 1978, which resulted in her developing a fear of flying as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

    She is married three times in her life. She was married to her first husband Alvin Martin from 1973 to 1979, her second marriage was with David Claessen a cinematographer from 1986 to 1988 and her third marriage with Lyle Trachtenberg from 1994 to 1995 who was an union organizer.

    She has dated Frank Langella and Ted Danson. Whoopi Goldberg authored some of his jokes for the occasion and defended Danson amid a media backlash after she performed in blackface at her 1993 Friars Club roast.

    Her daughter Alexandrea Martin was born in 1973 and she is an actress and producer. From her daughter marriage she has 3 grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.

    In 1991, Whoopi Goldberg published The Choices We Made: Twenty-Five Women and Men Speak Out About Abortion, a book about her abortion. She talked of ending a pregnancy at the age of 14 with a coat hanger in that book. It is known that at the age of 25, she had had six or seven abortions and that birth control pills had failed to prevent several of her births. Whoopi Goldberg has admitted to being a ""functional"" drug addict in the past. Before taking the Best Supporting Actress award for Ghost in 1991, she admitted to smoking marijuana. Whoopi Goldberg suffers from dyslexia. She has stayed in Llewellyn Park, a neighborhood in West Orange, New Jersey, where she claims she chose to live in order to be able to spend more time outside in peace and quiet.

    When asked about her choice for calling herself a "actor," she said, "An actress can only play a lady. I am an actor." As an actor, I'm capable of playing every role imaginable. Whoopi Goldberg announced in March 2019 that she had been suffering pneumonia and sepsis, which necessitated her departure from The View.

    Talking about her agе, hеight, Wеight & bоdу

    According to you what you think is the age of Whoopi Goldberg - No worries we will tell you her age in 2022 also we will let you know about her how tall, height and weight.

    Her birthdate is November 13, 1955. Her age as in 2022 is 67 years old. She measures 5 feet 5 inches in height and her weight is 59 kg in kilograms. Her height and weight is perfect as per her body. She is the famous American actor, comedian, author, and television personality. Whoopi Goldberg is a difficult woman to forget. Her hair is Black and her eyes are Black. 

    How much is Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth?

    Whoopi Goldberg is one of the wealthiest American actor, comedian, author, and television personality. Her Net Worth and Salary is talked by most of Her fans. We have no information about Whoopi Goldberg salary.

    From Her career she earns a pretty good salary. She is an American actor, comedian, author, and television personality who has a net worth of $45 million from her work/career. She is known to be one of the good paid personality in the world. She has already gained a lot of fan following on social media like twitter . She is a famous American actor, comedian, author, and television personality has made a big name for herself and is very successful in what she does and has lots of wealth and an amazing Net Worth.

    She is one of the popular American actor, comedian, author, and television personality who has always been noticed for whatever she has work. If you are new to know who is Whoopi Goldberg then it is nice to see the images, pictures of Whoopi Goldberg. You can get Her pictures, images of Whoopi Goldberg in this article, or also on Google. Her Wikipedia, biography details is given here. She has a lot more to work in her profession, and considering that fact it would be fair to say; that her net worth as well as her salary will surely increase in the coming years. 

    Whoopi Goldberg dating, relationship, Boyfriend and Husband

    Whoopi Goldberg has dated and her boyfriend name are Alvin Martin, David Schein, David Edgar, David Claessen, Alan Moore, Eddie Gold, Timothy Dalton, Ted Danson, Lyle Trachtenberg, Frank Langella, Jeffrey Cohen.

    She is a married woman. Her husband names are Lyle Trachtenberg, David Claessen, Alvin Martin.

    Alvin Martin:- Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg are known for their relationship. Whoopi Goldberg tied the knot with Alvin Martin when she was 17 years old. From their wedding they having a baby named Alexandrea Martin whose date of birth is May 9, 1973. Alexandrea Martin their child is an actress and producer. The pair got divorce in 1979.

    David Schein:- David Schein and Whoopi Goldberg have dated each other from 1980 to 1985.

    David Edgar:- In 1986, David Edgar married Whoopi Goldberg. This was her second marriage, but they split up soon after and divorced the following year.

    David Claessen :- David Claessen and Whoopi Goldberg met each other in 1986. By profession David Claessen is a Dutch cinematographer. Being in a relationship for 8 months they made it in public on September 1, 1986 but the pair parted ways on October 1, 1988.

    Alan Moore:- Alan Moore and Whoopi Goldberg were dating each other in 1987. By profession Alan Moore is a British Writer.

    Eddie Gold:- In 1987, Whoopi Goldberg and Eddie Gold began dating. They were together for three years before their relationship worsened and they split up in 1990.

    Timothy Dalton:- In the early 1990s, Whoopi Goldberg and British actor Timothy Dalton had a short relationship. Beginning in 1990, the Bond actor and Goldberg were seen around each other on several occasions. Despite the fact that they both denied being in an affair, their chemistry was undeniable. However, the couple was said to have broken up a year later.

    Ted Danson:- Ted Danson was married at the time, his relationship with Whoopi Goldberg generated quite a fuss. After his affair, his wife Cassandra Coates filed for divorce in 1993. In the 1993 film Made in America, the two collaborated. Their relationship was short-lived, since they only dated for a year, from April 1992 to April 1993.

    Lyle Trachtenberg:- Actor Lyle Trachtenberg and Whoopi Goldberg met at the start of 1994. After 9 months of dating, they wedded on October 1, 1994 and they plan for a divorce and put their wedding fullstop in October 1995. 

    Jeffrey Cohen:- In 1995, Whoopi Goldberg dated Jeffrey Cohen for a short time.

    Frank Langella:- Co-stars Whoopi Goldberg and Frank Langella became truly in love during the filming of Eddie in 1995. The couple had been together for over four years before they announced their breakup in 2000.

    Michael Visbal:- In the past, Michael Visbal and Whoopi were linked.

    Bill Duke:- Actor Bill Duke and Whoopi Goldberg dated in the past.

    Whoopi Goldberg Career

    Whoopi Goldberg is one of only 16 entertainers to have won the EGOT, which consists of an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony Award. Mark Twain's Prize for American Humor was bestowed upon her in 2001. Her one-woman show, Spook Show, premiered in 1983 and performed on Broadway from 1984 to 1985 under the stage name Whoopi Goldberg. The recording of the performance earned her a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album. In 1985, she received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama for her portrayal of a mistreated lady in the Deep South in Steven Spielberg's historical drama The Color Purple. Ghost in 1990 garnered her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and a second Golden Globe Award for her portrayal as an eccentric psychic. Sister Act in 1992 and its sequel, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit in 1993 made her the top paid actress at the time for her role as Deloris Van Cartier / Sister Mary Clarence. Jumpin' Jack Flash as Terri Doolittle in 1986, Clara's Heart as Clara Mayfield in 1988, Soapdish as Rose Schwartz in 1992, and Ghosts of Mississippi as Myrlie Evers in 1993 were among her other roles in 1996. The Lion King in 1994 and Toy Story 3 in 2010 are among her other notable credits.

    Whoopi Goldberg has appeared in the Broadway revivals of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum by Stephen Sondheim as Prologus; Pseudolus and Ma Rainey's Black Bottom by August Wilson as Ma Rainey. She received a Tony Award for her work as a producer on the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie. She was nominated for her third Tony Award in 2011 for the stage adaption of Sister Act in 2011. On the tv series Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard appeared as Guinan a Science fiction series. Co-hosting The View since 2007, she has been awarded the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host for her work. She has four times hosted the Academy Awards.

    At the HB Studio in New York City, Whoopi Goldberg studied acting with Uta Hagen, a well-known acting teacher. She made her feature film debut in Citizen: I'm Not Losing My Mind, I'm Giving It Away in 1982, an avant-garde ensemble film directed by San Francisco filmmaker William Farley. In 1983 and 1984, she ""first came to stardom with her one-woman show"" in which she acted Moms Mabley, Moms, which was first conducted in Berkeley, California, and then at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco; an advertisement for the show is preserved at the Oakland Museum of California. In 1983, she formed The Spook Show, a one-woman show comprised of various personality monologues, which became a hit. When he saw her perform, director Mike Nichols said he had ""noticed"" her. According to him in an interview, he ""broke down"" and he and Whoopi Goldberg ""fell into each other's arms"" when they first encountered each other backstage. Nichols was regarded as a mentor by Goldberg. It was Nichols who assisted her in transferring the series to Broadway, where it was renamed Whoopi Goldberg and performed from October 24, 1984, to March 10, 1985. In 1985, it was televised on HBO as Whoopi Goldberg: Direct from Broadway, which was filmed during this run of the show. While performing in The Belly Room at The Comedy Store, Whoopi Goldberg Broadway act captured the attention of director Steven Spielberg. Spielberg cast her in the title role of his movie The Color Purple, which is based on the novel of the same name by Alice Walker. It was released in late 1985 to critical and commercial acclaim. Whoopi Goldberg was the busiest female actress from 1985 and 1988, starring in seven movies.

    She made her film debut in Penny Marshall's directorial debut Jumpin' Jack Flash in 1986, where she met and started a relationship with David Claessen, who worked as a director of photography on the set. The film was a small hit, and Whoopi Goldberg appeared in three more films over the next two years: Burglar as Bernice "Bernie" Rhodenbarrin 1987, Fatal Beauty as Detective Rita Rizzoli in 1987, and The Telephone as  Vashti Blue in 1988. Whoopi Goldberg received awards from the NAACP Image Awards, despite the fact that they were not as effective as they could have been. Whoopi Goldberg and Claessen separated following the underwhelming box office performance of The Telephone, in which she had been agreed to star as a character. She attempted, but failed, to file a lawsuit against the film's producers. Clara's Heart (1988) was a critical and commercial failure, despite the fact that her own performance. As the 1980s came to a close, she co-hosted a number of Comic Relief specials on HBO with peers comedians Robin Williams and Billy Crystal. Patrick Stewart invited Whoopi Goldberg to remake her part as Guinan in the second season of Star Trek: Picard at an appearance on The View on January 22, 2020. Goldberg accepted the invitation.

    She jumped at the chance to accept his offer. Whoopi Goldberg also went on to star in The Stand, a CBS All Access miniseries focused on Stephen King's 1978 novel of the same name, in which she played Mother Abagail, a 108-year-old woman.  In 2020, it was stated that Whoopi Goldberg would be returning for Sister Act 3, which would be produced by Tyler Perry. The film is scheduled to premiere on Disney+. In addition, Goldberg has been cast in the movie named Till, which was written and directed by Chinonye Chukwu. Goldberg will appear as Mother of Olms in the Disney Channel series Amphibia, in which she will make a guest appearance. Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Moms Mabley, Lenny Bruce, Joan Rivers, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier, and Harry Belafonte are among the comedians who have influenced Goldberg, according to her. Bagdad Cafe, a comedy series in which Goldberg co-starred with Jean Stapleton, was released in January 1990 Inspired by the 1987 film of the same name. 

    The sitcom aired on CBS for a total of two seasons. She also went on to star in The Long Walk Home, in which she played a woman who was a part of the American civil rights movement. After portraying a psychic in the movie Ghost (1990), she has become the first black woman to earn an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in nearly 50 years, and only the second black woman to earn an Academy Award for acting overall in the United States (the first being Hattie McDaniel for Gone with the Wind in 1940). Premiere magazine included her character Oda Mae Brown in a list of the top 100 best film characters in its Top 100.

    In 1996, Whoopi Goldberg appeared in four films: Bogus with Gérard Depardieu and Haley Joel Osment, Eddie, The Associate with Dianne Wiest, and Ghosts of Mississippi with Alec Baldwin and James Woods. At the filming of Eddie, she started dating her co-star Frank Langella, with whom she remained in a relationship until the beginning of 2000. Book, a collection of Goldberg's insights and opinions, was published in October 1997 by Goldberg and ghostwriter Daniel Paisner, who also co-wrote the book. In the Broadway production of Stephen Sondheim's musical comedy A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum in 1996, Whoopi Goldberg took Nathan Lane's took over as Pseudolus.

    From 1998 to 2001, Whoopi Goldberg appeared in films such as How Stella Got Her Groove Back, in which she co-starred with Angela Bassett, Girl, Interrupted, in which she co-starred with Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie, Kingdom Come, and Rat Race, in which she co-starred with an all-star ensemble cast. She appeared in the ABC television adaptations of Cinderella, A Knight in Camelot, and Call Me Claus, among other roles. In 1998, she acquired a new audience as the ""Center Square"" on Hollywood Squares, which was presented by Tom Bergeron. As executive producer, she was nominated for four Emmy Awards, which she received for her work on the show. In 2002, she decided to leave the series. Cosgrove Hall Films produced the British animated children's show Foxbusters in 1999, in which she provided the voice of Ransome. In the 1990s, she was ranked as the actress who appeared in the most theatrical films, according to the AC Nielsen EDI, with 29 films grossing a total of $1.3 billion in the United States and Canada.

    The host of Wake Up with Whoopi Goldberg, a popular television morning radio talk and entertainment programme, from August 2006 to March 2008 was Whoopi Goldberg. She declared on air in October 2007 that she was quitting acting as she was no longer receiving scripts. She appeared as a guest star on The Naked Brothers Band, a Nickelodeon rock-comedy television series, which premiered on December 13, 2008. On February 18, 2008, the band performed on The View, and the members of the band were interviewed by Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd prior to the episode's airing on The View. Goldberg presented the 62nd Annual Tony Awards in the same year. In 1985, she became the first African-American woman and just the second solo female performer to get the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Recording for "Whoopi Goldberg: Direct from Broadway." Goldberg is one of only three solo female performers to be honoured with this honour. As a producer of the Broadway musical Thoroughly Modern Millie, she received a Tony Award in 2002. She has been nominated for eight Daytime Emmy Awards and has won two of them. She has been nominated for nine Primetime Emmy Awards. For her performance on The View, Goldberg earned a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host in 2009. Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Barbara Walters, her co-hosts at the time, split the trophy with her.

    With Cyndi Lauper, Whoopi Goldberg participated in the release of her Give a Damn campaign on April 1, 2010. The campaign's goal is to educate of discrimination against the LGBT community while also inviting straight people to stand in solidarity with the LGBT and transgender communities. Since her participation in the 1987 March on Washington, she has garnered widespread attention for her assistance for LGBT rights and AIDS activism. According to Goldberg, who appeared on an episode of The View that broadcasted on May 9, 2012, she is a part of the National Rifle Association. Earlier this year, she spoke out in help of transgender rights at the 28th GLAAD Media Awards. Goldberg is a member of the Jefferson Awards for Public Service Board of Selectors. She also acts on the National Museum of American Illustration's National Council Advisory Board. For the 2017 New York City Women's March, she was a speaker, and she spoke again at the 2018 event. When Goldberg showed up as a guest on The George Lucas Talk Show as part of the American Grabbuddies marathon fundraising episode on January 24, 2021, she talked about her time working on Snow Buddies and collected funds for the ASPCA.

    Short Bio of  Whoopi Goldberg

    Whoopi Goldberg is her born and real name. Her date of birth is November 13,1955 and birthplace is Chelsea, New York, United States. By profession she is a American Actor, Comedian, Author, Television Personality. Her Parents are Robert James Johnson and Emma Harris. Emma Harris is her mother's name and Robert James Johnson is her father's name. She has 1 siblings. In sibling she has 1 sister. Her brother name is Clyde K. Johnson. 

    Whoopi Goldberg Age and Height

    Whoopi Goldberg Age and Height
    Name Whoopi Goldberg


    Height 5 Feet 5 Inches

    Whoopi Goldberg Wiki and Biography

    Whoopi Goldberg Wiki and Biography
    Born and Real Name Caryn Elaine Johnson
    Nickname Elaine, Whoopi Goldberg 
    Birthday November 13, 1955


    Profession American Actor, Comedian, Author, Television Personality
    Birthplace Chelsea, New York, United States
    Sun sign Scorpio
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Not Known
    Religion Jewish
    Caste Not Known

    Whoopi Goldberg Height, Weight and Body Measurements

    Whoopi Goldberg Height, Weight and Body Measurements
    Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
    Weight 59 kg
    Body Measurements Not Known
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Black

    Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth and Salary

    Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth and Salary
    Net Worth USD $45 million approx
    Salary Not Known

    Whoopi Goldberg Education Qualifications, School and College

    Whoopi Goldberg Education Qualifications, School and College
    Educational Qualifications Graduate
    School Washington Irving High School,St. Columba’s Catholic School
    College HB Studio in New York City,New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts

    Whoopi Goldberg Professional Life

    Whoopi Goldberg Professional Life
    Profession American Actor, Comedian, Author, Television Personality
    Movie Debut Citizen: I'm Not Losing My Mind, I'm Giving It Away in 1982
    TV Show Debut Whoopi Goldberg: Direct from Broadway in 1985
    Famous and well known American Actor, Comedian, Author, Television Personality

    Whoopi Goldberg Family Details/ parents/ family background?

    Whoopi Goldberg Family Details/ parents/ family background?
    Parents /Father Robert James Johnson
    Parents /Mother Emma Harris
    Siblings/ Brothers Name Clyde K. Johnson
    Siblings/ Sisters Name Not Known
    Husband Not Known
    Children/Son's Name Not Known
    Children/Daughter's Name Alex Martin

    Whoopi Goldberg Boyfriend/Husband/dating/Affairs?

    Whoopi GoldbergBoyfriend/Husband/dating/Affairs?
    Husband/Spouse Name Lyle Trachtenberg, David Claessen, Alvin Martin
    Dating /Boyfriend Name/Affairs Alvin Martin, David Schein, David Edgar, David Claessen, Alan Moore, Eddie Gold, Timothy Dalton, Ted Danson, Lyle Trachtenberg, Frank Langella, Jeffrey Cohen.

    Whoopi Goldberg Marriage Details

    Whoopi Goldberg Marriage Details
    Marital Status Divorced
    Husband/Spouse Name Lyle Trachtenberg, David Claessen, Alvin Martin
    Wedding dates/ Marriage date 1 October 1994 with Lyle Trachtenberg, 1 September 1986 with David Claessen, 1973 with Alvin Martin

    Whoopi Goldberg Home Address and Residence

    Whoopi Goldberg Home Address and Residence
    Home town Chelsea, New York, United States
    House address Chelsea, New York, United States

    Whoopi Goldberg Social Media Websites

    Whoopi Goldberg Social Media Websites
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/whoopigoldberg
    Twitter https://twitter.com/whoopigoldberg
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/whoopigoldberg/
    Website Not Known

    Whoopi Goldberg (Actress) Movies / All film list / Dramas list

    Citizen: I'm Not Losing My Mind, I'm Giving It Away
    The Color Purple
    Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Fatal Beauty
    The Telephone
    Clara's Heart
    Beverly Hills Brats
    Homer and Eddie
    The Long Walk Home
    Blackbird Fly
    House Party 2
    Sister Act
    The Player
    The Magical World of Chuck Jones
    National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon
    Naked in New York
    Made in America
    Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit
    The Lion King
    The Little Rascals
    Corrina, Corrina
    Star Trek Generations
    The Pagemaster
    Boys on the Side
    The Celluloid Closet
    Moonlight and Valentino
    Theodore Rex
    Bordello of Blood
    The Associate
    Ghosts of Mississippi
    Mary Pickford: A Life on Film
    A Christmas Carol
    Destination Anywhere
    In the Gloaming
    In & Out
    An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn
    A Knight in Camelot
    How Stella Got Her Groove Back
    Junket Whore
    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie
    The Rugrats Movie
    Alice in Wonderland
    Get Bruce
    The Deep End of the Ocean
    Girl, Interrupted
    The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
    A Second Chance at Life
    More Dogs Than Bones
    Golden Dreams
    Kingdom Come
    Rat Race
    The Hollywood Sign
    Call Me Claus
    Searching for Debra Winger
    Star Trek: Nemesis
    It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie
    Unchained Memories: Readings from the Slave Narratives
    Pauly Shore Is Dead
    Bitter Jester
    Beyond the Skyline
    Pinocchio 3000
    The N-Word
    SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2
    Jiminy Glick in Lalawood
    The Lion King 1½
    The Aristocrats
    Racing Stripes
    Everyone's Hero
    Farce of the Penguins
    Homie Spumoni
    If I Had Known I Was a Genius
    Nuremberg: A Vision Restored
    Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project
    Our Country USA to Z
    The Sophisticated Misfit
    Snow Buddies
    Madea Goes to Jail
    Toy Story 3
    For Colored Girls
    Teenage Paparazzo
    New York Street Games
    A Little Bit of Heaven
    The Little Engine That Could
    The Muppets
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Big Stone Gap
    Top Five
    A Day Late and a Dollar Short
    TCB Baby
    A Warrior's Tail
    King of the Dancehall

    Whoopi Goldberg (Actress) New Movie/Film/Upcoming movies/latest movie list /New Drama /Upcoming Serials/ Show

    Television show /Tv Serial/ Tv Shows / serials

    Whoopi Goldberg: Direct from Broadway
    Television Parts
    Carol, Carl, Whoopi, and Robin
    Whoopi Goldberg: Fontaine... Why Am I Straight?
    Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    My Past Is My Own
    Kiss Shot
    Hanna-Barbera's 50th: A Yabba Dabba Doo Celebration
    Tales from the Whoop: Hot Rod Brown Class Clown
    Bagdad Cafe
    Captain Planet and the Planeteers
    Sesame Street
    Tales from the Crypt
    A Different World
    34th Annual Grammy Awards
    Defenders of Dynatron City
    The Whoopi Goldberg Show
    Reading Rainbow
    A Cool Like That Christmas
    66th Academy Awards
    The Sunshine Boys
    Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child
    68th Academy Awards
    Mother Goose: A Rappin' and Rhymin' Special
    Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella
    A Knight in Camelot
    The Nanny
    The Hollywood Squares
    71st Academy Awards
    Alice in Wonderland
    Our Friend, Martin
    Jackie's Back
    The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns
    Celebrity Dish
    What Makes a Family
    The Weber Show
    Celebrity Deathmatch
    Beyond Tara: The Extraordinary Life of Hattie McDaniel
    Call Me Claus
    Whose Line Is It Anyway?
    Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
    74th Academy Awards
    My Fair Madeline
    It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie
    Absolutely Fabulous
    Liberty's Kids
    The Disco Ball
    Good Fences
    Whoopi's Littleburg
    Whoopi: Back to Broadway – The 20th Anniversary
    Just for Kicks
    Dawn French's Girls Who Do Comedy
    So Notorious
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent
    Everybody Hates Chris
    30 Rock
    The View
    62nd Tony Awards
    A Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa
    Life on Mars
    Meerkat Manor: The Story Begins
    Hell's Kitchen
    The Cleaner
    The Electric Company
    The Middle
    Robot Chicken
    666 Park Avenue
    Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley
    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
    A Day Late and a Dollar Short
    The 7D
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    The Tick
    The Stinky & Dirty Show
    Miles from Tomorrowland
    Blue Bloods
    When We Rise
    Descendants 2

    Whoopi Goldberg (Actress)Songs/Music list/All Album

    Whoopi GoldbergSongs
    Hail Holy Queen
    Sister Act · 1992

    My Guy
    Sister Act · 1992

    You Got It
    Boys on the Side · 1995

    The Lounge Medley
    Sister Act · 1992

    The Greatest Medley Ever Told
    Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit · 1993

    Finale: I Will Follow Him
    Sister Act · 1992

    Sister Act · 1992

    Get Up Offa That Thing / Dancing in the Street
    Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit · 1993

    Ain't No Mountain High Enough
    Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit · 1993

    Ball of Confusion
    Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit · 1993

    Main Title
    For Colored Girls · 2010

    Bowwow to the Beat

    Doris Knows Everything
    Free to Be... A Family · 1988

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