Have Time in Hand? Explore These 5 Places Close to Munnar

The hectic city life surely demands us to take rest. Moreover, that is when the thought of visiting a calm and quiet place surrounded by lush green scenery clouds our mind. If you are also looking for a change that would make you feel afresh, you must visit Munnar in Kerala. Situated on the Western Ghats, Munnar is an excellent place for both nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The rich flora and fauna touch this place along with remnants of the past. If you truly want to acknowledge the beauty of this peaceful place, you cannot skip going to the five exotic places from Munnar, if you have enough time. After all, even the best hotels in Munnar will not be able to quench your thirst for experiencing nature at its best.

Have Time in Hand? Explore These 5 Places Close to Munnar

  • Trade in Spices in Kumily: Every single person knows that Kerala has an abundance of spices and tea gardens. However, as a visitor, when you pass by the spice and tea plantations, don’t you feel like buying them right away? If yes, Kumily is the place that you must visit. Located just about 90 kms from Munnar, this place is known as the spice and tea trading hub in this region. Apart from trading, you will also get to enjoy the rustic environment surrounded by nature. If you are also looking for fun activities, you can visit the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary which is its next door neighbour. 

  • Visit Europe in Peermade: If you read or watch classics, you must have imagined walking down the contours of the green hills while humming your favourite tune. In case you did not know this before, this dream of yours can come true in Peermade. Located only 100 km from Munnar, Peermade looks like those rustic places borne out of the calendars that showcase Europe’s natural beauty. Peermade is known for its coffee, tea, pepper, cardamom, and rubber plantations. Owing to this, a significant contrast is created between the vast blue sky above and the green hills before. Moreover, this truly captivates the heart of every onlooker.

  • Explore the World of Adventure at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: Not every sanctuary is boring. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, located barely 97 km away from Munnar, is one of those internationally acclaimed wildlife sanctuaries where you can be a kid at heart. Apart from getting to see the animals up close, you can also go for boat safari on the Periyar Lake, nature walk on the borderline of the sanctuary, and bamboo rafting. Overall, this is an excellent place to visit with family and friends. 

  • Walk down the Suspension Bridge near Chalakudy: If you are bored of gazing at the high-rise buildings in the city and want to live a simple day nestled close nature, no place can be better than Chalakudy. At a distance of 125 km away from Munnar, Chalakudy has adapted to the modern lifestyle without compromising on the true culture. This is the village that will open up to you the extravagance of the village church and temple that exist together in harmony. You will also get a chance to walk down the historic suspension bridge across the Thumboormuzhy Dam and get mesmerised while taking in the beautiful surroundings. 

  • Bathe in the Delight of Visiting the Niagra Falls in India: Located only 129 km from Munnar is one of the greatest waterfalls in India - Athirapally Falls. Originating from the Anaimudi Mountains, the Athirapally Falls makes the eyes of the tourists bulge out. After all, gazing at an 80-feet majestic waterfall that stretches up to 330 feet horizontally is not a sight that you get to see every day. 

Thus, instead of relaxing at the best hotels in Munnar, go out and explore the region. You will see a whole new world and will love the experience. The trip will definitely make you feel rejuvenated.