KNOLSKAPE and CrossKnowledge announce partnership for enhanced employee development experience

Bangalore, Tuesday, May 29, 2018: KNOLSKAPE, an end-to-end learning and assessment platform for accelerated employee development is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with CrossKnowledge, a global leader of digital learning solutions, serving over 12 million users in 130 countries. The partnership offers organizations new-age learning technologies coupled with best-in-class e-learning solutions leading to enhanced employee engagement and accelerated development.
As organizations face new challenges in engaging their multi-generational workforce, motivating learners, and measuring ROI on their employee development initiatives, companies across the globe are increasingly realizing the need to rethink their learning and development strategies and modes of delivery to cater to the specific learning needs of their employees. Realizing this need, KNOLSKAPE and CrossKnowledge(a Wiley Brand) aim to provide organizations with advanced learning content blended with new-age, experiential technologies such as simulations and gamification, for increased engagement and accelerated development.

According to Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder & CEO of KNOLSKAPE, “Learning is no longer a centralized function within organizations. Employees are highly involved in their own developmental journeys. To provide an unmatched experience to learners, we are thrilled to partner with CrossKnowledge – a multi-awarded company that provides cutting-edge digital learning solutions and has a great reputation in the learning management space.”

This partnership will also reinforce CrossKnowledge’s entry into the Indian learning market. According to Frederic Fouquet, International Partner Network Director, “We at CrossKnowledge are proud to be part of the learning journey of many employees and leaders entering the KNOLSKAPE Learning programs.”


KNOLSKAPE is an end-to-end learning and assessment platform for “accelerated employee development". By leveraging experiential technologies, industry and business contextualization, and rich talent analytics, KNOLSKAPE can accelerate learning and development in an engaging manner to help improve business performance.

More than 300 clients in 20 countries have benefited from KNOLSKAPE's award-winning experiential solutions. Using artificial intelligence, business simulations, gamification, machines learning, mobile, videos and virtual reality, KNOLSKAPE delivers transformative experiences for the modern learner and the modern workplace.

About CrossKnowledge

CrossKnowledge is an engaging, forward-looking digital learning solution, driving business outcomes and the ability to transform individuals and entire organizations. We provide a customized, fully integrated learning solution and implement it at unmatched velocity. CrossKnowledge’s learning solution is complete — bringing together our cutting-edge technology and world-class content into a blended environment. Only CrossKnowledge has the experience, agility, and foresight to help you build an innovative and more effective learning solution. CrossKnowledge, a Wiley brand, serves over 12 million users in 130 countries.