Why Do You Need Helpful Health and Fitness Wearables?

Looking to get a wearable device but unsure if it’s worth it? It can help you in everything from knowing the calories burnt to your heartbeat to even your sleep pattern, helping you get a better you. Fitbit is popular because it is light, and helps you get an accurate estimation of data, which can help build a healthier you.
The Top Benefits of Wearing a Wearable
You can know about the habits of people, their lifestyles and various other things. This can help in a thousand ways. For example, you can know which time of the day you are active and fully awake, and can monitor your schedule. Your sleep cycle would tell you just where you need to improve, so that you can be off to your job each day refreshed.

Get the Wearable You Need

Some prefer health trackers that they can wear around their wrist. Others prefer smart watches that double up as health devices, like the Apple SmartWatch. Others just prefer to carry their smartphone with them and install health apps that work.

Apps Designed for You

There are plenty of wearable apps that you can use to achieve your fitness goals. Some, like Fitness Buddy, only needs your smartphone to work. We will take a look at it to see

Perhaps the greatest strength of Fitness Buddy, compared with other apps is that it has a staggering amount of exercises: currently more than 1700! In case your patients are unsure about anything, they can consult more than 1000 HD videos or 4000+ exercise photos and animations before they ask you or before they do anything that is not recommended. Imagine how much that can already ease your work!

The last you'd need is getting constantly bombarded with questions or having to treat sports injuries from the workouts, delaying the therapy. There are other apps like Runtastic that aims to do the same.

Then there are apps like Carrot, which is available in Canada that rewards you for walking and meeting your goals. The more you walk and the more you ‘step up’ together with your friends, the more rewards would you earn, which you can use to do everything from watching movies for free to buying what you love from Amazon.

What Can an Health App help you with?

A health app goes a long way in motivating you.

  • Build personalised workout routines specialised for muscle groups for your patients.
  • Get reliable statistics about the performance of your patients.
  • There is also a psychological benefit coming with this: the patient can see herself improving with every training, and that will get her further motivated, from the initial apathetic attitude.
  • Try out different workout routines preprogrammed within the app,

Some health apps even allow you to customize your routine, making it easier for you to track and log weight, body metrics, blood pressure and so on. This makes it ideal for overweight patients who try to introduce more activity in their lives.