Why your business needs an app: pros and cons of going mobile

Do you remember the last time you’ve seen a 14-year-old teen without a smartphone in their hands? That’s the thing - an average person spends 90 minutes a day on their phone. Isn’t it crazy? 23 days a year to check Facebook posts, talk to your family on Skype, and reply to work emails. The changes are coming - generation Alpha kids (kids who are up to 7 years old now) learn how to tweet even before they start to talk. Are you prepared for it?

The number of smartphone users keeps growing. It is expected to reach 5 billion users by 2019. If your business is still not going mobile, think about it. You may be losing a lot of money and clients. Right now, as you are reading this. The same thing applies if you haven’t updated your app for a while. Old apps look and feel like dinosaurs who are very close to their end. A picky user won’t use an app that is outdated and not user-friendly.

If you are still thinking whether you should go mobile, this article is for you. Let’s sort the things out.

Why your business needs an app: pros and cons of going mobile
How else would you promote your brand?

Let’s face it: we use a mobile phone more often than we use laptops and computers. If earlier you could promote your business by ordering advertising on various platforms, now that strategy isn’t working anymore. Without having a mobile app with a decent UX and design, you won’t be able to attract and keep the new users. Try to think how to make your app so valuable that your client will want to not only install it but share it with their friends. How cool would that be to go viral?

You can also share every promotion, update, or any other useful info with your users in a few clicks. Everyone who has your app will receive a simple notification - and you will receive another point for your marketing.

Think about establishing a loyalty program - you can offer something valuable to your users for a subscription or answering a few questions about their experience once in a while. It can be valuable content, referral rewards, or even a simple bonus program. This way you are not only developing your brand recognition but working on your analytics and marketing - gathering data from real users is definitely worth a bonus.

It is not as expensive as you might think

A lot of companies who still don’t have any mobile app think that getting one will cost them an arm and a leg. The truth is that modern app development is not as expensive as you might think. “How much does it cost to make an app” shouldn’t be the question that makes you frustrated. And you can always calculate the cost and see if that’s affordable and has a reasonable price. Yes, a few years ago you could be afraid to order an app because it could be pricey, but now apps are becoming more and more accessible. So you better stop making excuses and find a way to implement it.

You don’t need to build the next Messenger or Uber, just stick to the main features your business needs and make sure the end user receives something handy and irreplaceable. Keeping yourself on your client’s screen is crucial since they use smartphones all the time. Make sure you get there before your competitors do it.