4 Unique FIFA Themes for Your Car this Year

4 Unique FIFA Themes for Your Car this Year

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Football enthusiasts are always looking for FIFA themed products to show their love for the game. With retailers now offering a variety of FIFA themed products for your home, office and your car, there are many ways you can celebrate the football extravaganza this year.

You might have come across football themed rooms, apparel and football themed parties. So, why leave your car behind? Most football addicted car owners will want to customise their car with FIFA themes.

There are a number of football accessories that you can place in/on your car. Support your team with these four unique car accessories:

Decals and Stickers

Decals and stickers have always been used on the body of the car. They give an exclusive look to the car and are very catchy. So, support your favourite team or player with a sticker of the same.

You can simply place a classic football sticker on the body of the car. Stickers are easy to apply and remove, and they are safe for use on the car. But make sure to choose a high-quality sticker to enhance your car’s look.

Colour Themes

You may have purchased your car in one of the default colours available. However, you can show some love for football with a colour theme on your car. Choose the colours you want to paint your car in and get a paint job done in no time.

The colour theme will add a unique look to the exterior of your car. You can customise the colours as per your needs. In simple words, choose the colour of your favourite team and sport a classic look on the body of your car.


Flags of every participating team are available in the market. If you do not wish to incur huge expenses of painting the car or are not happy with the idea of sporting a sticker on the body of your car, you can opt for the flag of the team you are supporting.

You can place the flag in the car through a magnetic pole. You only need to fix the flag on the pole which will ensure that it remains there.

Toys/Emblems for The Car

Football-themed toys available for dashboard decoration of your car carry a sporty look and are quite sturdy. With hundreds of football-themed toys to choose from, you can pick the ones that are related to your favourite player or team.

For instance, you could place a bobblehead of your favourite player. It is a fun way of decorating your car quickly, thus, giving it an attractive and catchy look.

But Remember:

Giving a FIFA theme makeover to your car may be on your priority list, but don’t forget to assure that your car is protected from any unforeseen event on the road. In order to do so, buy a comprehensive car insurance policy or if you already have one, ensure to keep a tab on the deadline of your car insurance renewal online.

Comprehensive car insurance will cover against:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Damage to the third party
  • Damage caused by natural disasters or severe weather
  • Damage or destruction to your car caused by an act of civil disturbance such as riot

If you are looking to buy comprehensive insurance for your car, you can get the quote and figure out the premium amount payable, with the help of a premium calculator.

In case you want to renew your car insurance, be rest assured as with the availability of car insurance renewal online, the whole process has become easy.


Football fever is on in India, and every football lover is on the lookout for products and accessories that display their love for the game. There are hundreds of options available today to decorate your car in a football theme.

However, while you are focused on decorating your car this football season, equally stay focused on protecting it with a car insurance policy.