Hullojobs launches QR based Visual Resume for Job aspirants

Hullojobs, a fast-growing jobs portal have launched a QR based offering to assist applicants to manage their professional profiles more seamlessly and going paperless in the recruiting Industry. The resume can be accessed simply with the help of a QR code and a downloadable link.

This is an industry first and a positive step towards a paperless economy in the recruitment space. Applicants can take advantage of templatized formats on Hullojobs to suit their qualification and preferences. Applicants will be given an ID card with a unique barcode and a link to download the resume.  The ID card can be scanned by any job recruiter to instantly access the Visual Resume of the job seeker on their mobile phone or desktop. The job seeker can also share the download link from his ID for quick access of the resume on the Hullojobs platform directly and no login is required here.

Adds Srinivas Varahagiri, Founder Director of Hullojobs, “This is a product that took many years to see fruition. Our rich experience in the recruitment space led us to discover challenges faced by recruiters and job aspirants even in this internet era. This prompted us to launch the first of its kind Visual Resume in the marketplace to help job aspirants and recruiters find each other easily. All phone cameras and devices have QR scanners these days, and therefore distributing or accessing your resume in a secure and professional manner becomes only a click away.”

The Visual resume is tailor-made, easy to read and highlights the key skills and performances of the job seeker for quick reference for the recruiter. Any edits made by an owner on the job seeker's profile is reviewed by the Hullojobs team and the approved content will appear on the visual resume within 24 hrs of the edit.

About Hullojobs

Hullojobs is a simplified end-to-end solutions provider for all kinds of online recruitment needs on a single platform. Here both the job seeker and the recruiter have a host of tools to empower themselves to find the right match and to connect easily. The recruiter can make use of the agile platform to upload their job descriptions and instantly connect with thousands of aspiring candidates. Job applicants, in turn, can make use of the hassle-free platform to easily customize and upload their CV’s while getting to choose from a host of companies who are featured on the platform. An important quality of Hullojobs is that it is very affordably priced, keeping the market sentiment in mind.