John Abraham ate 64 rotis at a Gujarati thali restaurant in Mumbai!

Bollywood’s macho-man, John Abraham loves ‘Bombay’, born and raised in the city, he has explored it to the core and is aware of every nook and cranny. While John’s love affair with the city started while he was much younger, his fondest memories are those of his college days.

In conversation with us about Bombay Times’ #FlirtWithYourCity campaign, John said, “I was born in Bombay and I grew up here, there are a lot of things I love about this city, I think that Bombay is a very special city! One of the things I love about the city are that you can do anything, anytime, like the day I wanted to eat a pav bhaji, this was when I could eat anything I wanted, I would just go to Sardar Pav Bhaji at Tardeo or if I wanted to eat Dal Fry, I would go to Olympia at Colaba Causeway and gorge on all my favourites. Olympia’s Dal fry is popular since the time my father was in college. Bombay has a lot to offer.”

Isn’t it hard to believe that muscle man and Bollywood hunk, John used to gorge these sinful foods at our favourite joints as well? Well, here’s some more juice, John not only enjoyed these foods but also has a record of eating 64 rotis during a meal at an unlimited thali restaurant in the city.

John admitted saying, “I remember going to Status once for an unlimited Gujarati thali, and my record there was 64 rotis, and the guy serving me was so astonished, he said ‘Saab chawal bhi hai!’ I am a complete foodie and I used to love going to Gujarati thali joints, I would explore as many as possible.”

Speaking about his style of flirting with the city, John said, “I love Bombay, the culture, the old world charm, it is a whole different world here. I especially love old theatres, my mom’s family is from Grant Road and so I used enjoy these old-world places, my initiation back into Hindi films, after a long break, was with ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ which I saw at Bahara Talkies. One really interesting thing about Bombay is that it’s a combination of New York and Los Angeles, it’s the film capital and the commercial capital. And I proud to call it my city!”