The Damaging Effects of Mobile Technology on Relationships

When we think of mobile technology, we generally tend to think about all the great things that today’s high tech gadgets and tech services have brought to our lives. They have made it easier to work, enjoy entertainment, shop, get information, socialize, and much more. In fact, most people would be lost without their mobile phones these days because they rely on it so heavily on a day to day basis.

However, there are also those that see the downside to mobile technology, particularly when it comes to communication and relationships. Of course, mobile technology and modern technology as a whole have made it easier for us to communicate using a variety of different, convenient methods. The downside is that many people feel that this has resulted in real communication being abandoned such as meeting up with people face to face or going out for a meal and a catch up. Often when you go out with friends, family, or a partner, one or more people are glued to their phones and spend more time messaging and going on Facebook than talking with the person they are supposed to be out with.

An impact on all relationships

In short, technology has had an impact on all relationships. This includes friends, family members, and partners. When it comes to the latter, the situation has become very odd. Couples that are sitting right next to one another in the same room have been known to communicate by messaging one another on social media rather than just talking to one another. When couples go out for meals, one or both will be tapping away on their phone and sitting there in silence rather than communicating. Even the number of people having affairs has shot up as a result of technology such as social media and mobile phones. Many poor man or woman has discovered that their partner has been up to no good after seeing their social media account or using facilities such as reverse phone lookup to find out who they have been spending all their time talking to on the phone.

When it comes to relationships between friends, many people no longer see one another these days even if they only live a short distance away. This is because they can now chat using social media sites, instant messaging sites, and Skype. While these are all great forms of technology when it comes to helping you to keep in touch with friends, some would say that they have taken over and resulted in people spending far less time with one another.

While there is no doubt that modern technology has had a huge positive impact on the personal lives of most people, there is also no doubt that some of the impact has been on the negative side. It has made digital communication far easier and more convenient for everyone but has affected our ability and desire to communicate on a more personal level.