Bosch Power Tools Introduces New GLL 3-80CG & GTC 400C

Precise alignment and measuring perfection with new measuring and alignment tools

Universal helper for different trades!

„  The new GLL 3-80CG green line laser comes with four times better visibility as compared to the red laser and basically used for alignment purposes

„  GLL 3-80CG has Contactless controls without touching and without losing precision as it can be connected to smartphone with help of Bluetooth®

„  GTC 400 C visualises the difference in temperature within seconds upto 400 degree celsius
„  Integrated WIFI hotspot for fast and easy picture transfer from the GTC 400 C to the Measuring Master app besides a visual camera integrated to save real images together with the thermal images

Hyderabad, India: Bosch Power Tools India, leading manufacturer and marketer of power tools for construction, woodworking and metalworking industry, has introduced the new range of Measuring Tools. Bosch GLL 3-80 CG Professional Bosch GTC 400 C Professional. The Bosch GLL 3-80 CG Professional (Green) is  for better visibility at the construction site - three-plane levelling and alignment. This line laser generates three 360 degree green laser planes - one horizontal and two vertical - for level, and alignment applications.

The Bosch GTC 400 C Professional is a robust and easy to understand tool to visualise differences in temperature upto 400 degree celsius and to process data easily, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity  and App support for easy transfer of data to any smartphone.

Bosch GLL 3-80 CG Professional is perfect for architects, interior designers, kitchen installers, interior contractors etc. They need the tool for alignement and levelling purposes. It also features an innovative call guard monitoring and Bluetooth connection to your smartphone for remote control use and contactless adjustment of the tool. This version of the tool also includes a l-boxx stackable hard carry case.

Commenting on the launch, Panish PK, Regional Sales Director - India and SAARC – Bosch Power Tools said, “In today’s world, consumers expect a smart device for an enhanced performance, innovative feature, longer lifetime, as well as compact designs. Our newly introduced GLL 3-80 CG and GTC 400C offer a range of robust features to accommodate the various demands of multiple professional settings". He added. “Bosch Professional has added an extra dimension to its power tool and measuring device range with the launch of a high-quality thermal camera and a new generation of line laser for greater precision on construction sites. Our innovation draws on the understanding of practical problems faced by electrical contractors, interior contractors, architects, kitchen installers and most importantly interior designers. Both the devices are designed to bring competitive advantage to our businesses at acompetitive price".

Bosch GLL 3-80 CG Professional: 
Some additional features of the GLL 3-80 CG are the Dual Power Source which means that the tool can either be powered by a 12 V-Li-ion battery or with four AA alkaline batteries. The GLL 3-80 CG is self-levelling within +/- 4° in four seconds and has an accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm/m which means that you can expect very precise results. The tool has a line visibility of up to 80m but by using the LR7 receiver. The GLL 3-80 CG is compact, easy to handle and extremely robust with an IP 54 rating against splash and dust. It also has a pendulum lock for safe transport to prevent damage to the pendulum mechanism.

Bosch GTC 400 C Professional:
The GTC 400 C Professional generates a conclusive thermal image with detailed temperature of focus points and surrounding therefore helps to assess the situation quickly. Additionally, it provides important findings for preparing offers and enables the results of work to be checked. The dual power supply provides users with flexibility: The tool can be operated both with a rechargeable battery and with alkaline batteries. With a wide field of view of 71 degrees, the thermal imager provides a detailed picture, even when the image is taken near the object. In the saved thermal images with a resolution of 160 x 120, each of the 19,200 pixels on the 3.5 inch display corresponds exactly to one measuring point and provides a detailed, informative thermal image. Thanks to the high thermal sensitivity, even the smallest temperature differences can be displayed. The dual power supply provides users with flexibility: The tool can be operated both with a replaceable 12 volt rechargeable battery from the Professional range and with four alkaline AA non-rechargeable batteries. For use on construction sites, the tool has IP 53 dust and splash protection.

Price and availability:
·         The new tools will be available on Amazon soon.