Nosh on ‘Bunny Chow’ this monsoon only at Three Dots & a Dash

The popular South African delicacy will be available at the JP Nagar outlet

Bangalore, July 13, 2018:While the monsoon brings in its Pitter-patter, treat yourself to some hot and indulgent Bunny Chow at Three Dots & a Dash, J.P Nagar. The new addition to the menu this season will be available till August 22, 2018. The dish is a popular South African delicacy- a compact dish that is bound to soothe your soul while you enjoy the breezy rains and chilly weather. While you indulge in some monsoon delight, don’t forget to treat yourself to some exciting Tiki-cocktails to go with it!

Nosh on ‘Bunny Chow’ this monsoon only at Three Dots & a Dash

The mouthwatering dish is a mix of Chicken curry cooked in strong Indian flavours like cardamom, cinnamon and garam masala to name a few that are blended together and served in a quarter loaf of un-cut white bread- that also serves as a bowl. The ‘Bunny Chow’ is all you need to keep you warm yet full this monsoon! Not just that, how about heading to Three Dots and a Dash - the only place in town that serves this South African speciality.

A little trivia behind this dish- Bunny Chow was a means to serve as take-away food to excluded people. During the apartheid regime, Indians were not allowed in certain shops and cafes and hence the shop owners found a way to serve the people through rear windows. This was an easy and effective way to serve workers. The origin of this hand-held dish was also due to Indian golf caddies not being allowed to carry cutlery during apartheid. The traditional Indian meal was roti and beans, but roti failed to make it as a take-away item, hence a portion of the center bread was cut out and filled with curry and capped the filling with the portion that was cut out- so as to make it convenient and easy to consume. This dish was later named Bunny Chow due to its small and compact size.

If the ‘Bunny Chow’ hasn’t got you excited yet, then how about heading to Three Dots & a Dash and trying this out for yourself? While you do that, don’t forget to treat yourself to some signature tiki cocktails.

What:Bunny Chow for Monsoon

Where: Three Dots & a Dash, JP Nagar, Bengaluru

Phone: 080 4300 7373