Off-season is the new season to travel

  -By Mr. Kapil Goswamy, CMD,

While tourists stick to the strict regime of visiting places during holiday season when the climate is favourable, adventure seekers must grab the opportunity to have exclusive access to places during off-season. Visiting a place during off-season has double benefits for explorers. While one can have an exclusive way into the usually populated holiday destinations, a price drop in hotel rents and flight rates is an added advantage.  Decreased footfall to popular destinations creates more space for a traveller to enjoy the vacation, and also provides an escape from maddening city rush which seems to follow one during on-season travels. 

Most travel destinations observe a high season and an off-season, which is mainly because of the varying climate conditions throughout the year. For instance, beaches are best to go to during winters, while hills are best to go to during summers. However, the dynamics are changing in the travel industry. With hotel and transportation tariffs reaching the sky during high season, tourists now prefer to travel during off seasons.

Must-Visit Off-Season Destinations

Monsoon has marked the end of summer vacation and it is the time to explore the places minus the holidaying crowd. Here is a list of places listed by Mr. Kapil Goswamy, CMD, that one must visit during off-season and unfold the beauty of nature beneath the unfavourable climate.

Amalfi Coast, Italy 

This off-season, discover Amalfi coast in Italy bestowed with the title of best Mediterranean landscape by UNESCO. The mountains taking plunge in the sea is a marvel of nature, seducing the travellers to fall in love. Mid-September the summer crowd vanishes from the enchanting beaches and the seaside town opens doors to the off-season travellers to explore the place with cheap accommodation and reasonably low flight rates. Enjoy the view and cuisine and rediscover love at Amalfi coast.

Rajasthan, India

 Most people do not like travelling during rains, but Rajasthan, the land of kings is worth a visit during monsoon. The rain soaked roads, the freshly drenched palaces and the smile on the faces of people rejoicing the monsoon shower will remain unforgettable. Because it is not the season for regular traveler, room rents and flight fares are a steal deal.

Kerala, India

An equable climate, beautiful and serene beaches, peaceful stretches of backwaters and canals, Kerala is certainly the God’s own country. During monsoon the rain boosts the back water and travellers don’t want to witness a flood or any calamity. While it may be an off-season for others, explorers must visit Kerala during rainfall to witness the washed greenery and the beautiful celebration of Onam festival, which is a plus for art and culture aficionados.

Rio De Janeiro, South America

While summer attracts a great footfall in the city of carnival, spring in November marks an off-season in tourism. So explore the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, the lush green botanical garden Jardim Botanico, Sugarloaf Mountain and the vibrant neighbourhood of Santa Teresa and Lapa with discounted hotel rents and cheap flight fares.

 Nainital, India 

Explore the emerald green lakes and the picturesque landscape in Nainital during   winter and avoid the honeymooning couples flooding the streets of the hill station. Between December-end and January due to a striking dip in temperature travellers avoid visiting the place. Enjoy the misty charm of city with a bonus of price drop.

 In case you heart yearns for some adventure, book flights and set forth on a journey to remember to some of the trending off-season hot-spots of the world.