Offbeat Monsoon Destinations to Explore in India in 2018

While many would avoid traveling during monsoons, for some, rain induces rhapsody. The chilling droplets of water compel many to explore the plethora of beauty India has. Most parts of the country have been reporting of monsoon showers but some are still waiting for a respite from the scalding heat. This is the perfect time to pack a great pair of crocs and an anorak and set off on a journey to witness the rain-soaked beauty around the country. Here is a list of places listed by Mr. Kapil Goswamy, CMD, that can allow you witness the surreal beauty of rain-soaked India.

1.      Lonavala (Maharshtra)

It’s a picturesque town near financial capital of the country-Mumbai. Together with its cousin town Khandala, it makes a perfect getaway in the monsoons as the many waterfalls here will certainly make you beat the heat and will thrill you. These places also offer a bit of trekking and boating. The water falls are fed with rain water in these twin towns and tourists can enjoy a nice shower accompanied with a lot of fun. There are options was camping also. There are famous caves near these towns for the history lovers.

2.       Cherrapunjee (Meghalaya)

This is another place which holds special significance in the rainy season. While it rains most of the year in this city, the rains get a little more intense and wild in the monsoons, adding to the thrill of the town.  There are a number of tree bridges that are worth looking at. A couple of other places in Meghalaya can be combined to make it a complete and exhilarating tour.

3.       Jog Falls (Karnataka)

The Jog water falls in Karnataka is worth traveling for in the monsoons. They are at their best in the rainy season and a walk down the base of the waterfall is beautiful and thrilling in the monsoons. Be prepared to get wet even while you are climbing down the huge staircase to the base of the waterfall. In other times of the year, the Jog Waterfall is reduced to a trickle but it is at its splendid best when the natural showers feed the waterfall and make it look plentiful and awesome.

4.       Mount Abu (Rajasthan)

The tiny hill station Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan. It is almost on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan and is quite beautiful during the monsoons. The lake of Mount Abu called Nakki is replenished by the rain waters and boating in the late is twice as much fun in the monsoons as it is in other seasons.

5.       Athirapally Falls (Kerala)

These falls are simply majestic in the monsoons. These falls are open to the general public at specific times of the day so plan accordingly. These are the largest falls in the state of Kerala. There are many places of tourist interest around Athirapally Falls that can be combined with a visit to this fall.