When E-Learning makes Bharat meet India

AAS Vidyalaya app focuses on the aspiration class to provide quality education to the masses

With more than 3/4th of its enrollments coming in from the 1800+ small towns & villages spread across the country, AAS Vidyalaya focuses its expansion on ‘Bharat’ that dwells in rural villages and smaller towns. AAS Vidyalaya is a virtual school – a mobile app, built for millions of students who cannot go to school, in order to bring the school to them.

Of the 250 million who should be in schools, 85 million children are out of school for various reasons, ranging from working for a living to insufficient funds. Apart from long travel hours needed to reach school, many don’t have access to the basic infrastructure of road, toilets, electricity, books etc. Weighed down by the challenges of a developing nation, this is the aspirational class, waiting for a product to meet their needs. Conversely, the education system largely concentrates on making technology better for the ‘studying' masses through advancements like smart class, A/V sessions, e-learning, etc. AAS Vidyalaya, on the other hand, is dedicated towards catering to the latent need of the masses, thereby educating those who lack the access and availability of education. Built as a mobile application targeted towards the middle and the lower-middle class, the app has the potential to scale and reach these 85 million children who cannot, but wish to attend school.

Founded in September 2017, AAS Vidyalaya- Anytime Anywhere School is a platform that brings an entire school on the phone. The Social School operates exactly like a regular school with a dedicated class-teacher, timetables, subject periods and regular assessments. Currently, the application has reached to 25000 students, adding 400-500 students per day to its user base. Reaching to the remotest corner of the country the application has already touched 1800+ small town and villages, proving to be a product for masses and revolutionalizing the way people think about education in this country. With it’s highest amount of users in UP, Bihar, Orissa, J&K, the states with low incomes and literacy rate, AAS Vidyalaya is the platform that can transform the lives of children with it’s anywhere, anytime trait.

“The idea is to create a virtual school available for everyone- a school ‘For the People, By the People’”, says Vikas Kakwani, an IIT-IIM Graduate and Founder of AAS Vidyalaya, proclaiming himself to be a product of education and also believes that, “The only way India can benefit from its demographic dividend is when everyone in the country is educated.”

Smartphone user base in India is expected to grow from 300 million to over 650 million by 2019. With this dynamic development, the remotest corner of India today has access to smartphones and a fantastic 4G Internet connection. Harnessing the power of mobile technology and its reach, AAS Vidyalaya is a comprehensive user-friendly app, built to fortify education- the backbone of the country’s growth and development. The app has been designed on Android platform and is easily available on Google Play store. An app that caters to the masses, the aspirational youth, is the next big step in the education industry which brings about a shift and increases the base of children covered in the education system.